Friday, Apr 6, 2018

Cafe Closing

Cappuccino Crew at Killasisa

My favorite coffee shop closed this week. Killasisa Cafe is no longer in Montanita. I have heard rumor it may open again somewhere in Olon. I certainly hope so because there is no one that served coffee like the great crew at Killasisa!

This also means I need to find a new place for breakfast…loved Soraya’s french toast made of homemade bread, drizzled in dark maple syrup, and surrounded by fresh red strawberries.

familiar routineSince this breakfast was no longer an option for me, I sought out a place to eat my “most important meal of the day”. I found this local restaurant in Montanita serving up a great desayuno. Admittedly the coffee was instant (typical here) but I put in enough leche to cover up the instant taste. The two fried eggs, croissants, fresh fruit bowl with yogurt, and glass of freshly squeezed pineapple juice more than made up for it. Oh yeah, and the price was great too…$3.00.

Familiar Routine

I’m finding my routine again. The skies are blue, the sun is bright, and the ocean is brilliant, and I am so thankful. I can’t get enough of it through my eye balls and into my brain. This week I did realize something though, I miss a lot of what I am experiencing in the moment while I’m out walking on the beach.

I started meditation up again and it became apparent. I checked out multiple times “thinking” and “feeling” things that are not in my present moment and experience. It doesn’t mean that I can’t think or feel things, but when I do I am not in the moment of where I am at. You know when you start having a conversation in your head about something that happened the last hour, the last day, last week, last year, last childhood? Lol. There are no time restrictions.

What’s cool about meditation is that it helps me be aware when I have become taken “thought hostage”. There is an easy fix for that too, just note it. “Ahh, yeah I’m thinking about XYZ”, then move back into present moment. It is quite amazing to me the space that I can create between my present experience and “thinking” thoughts when I do that. And by the way, I’m not my thoughts…and either are you.

What I get to experience everyday, only 200 feet out my sliding glass door, is something not to go unappreciated. I am blessed and choosing to be present to receive it. One of my experiences this week involved this interesting scene on the beach. I was trying to decide if all these people were just chillaxin waiting for the tide to roll in and lift their boat into the ocean, or what? What do you think was happening?

Low Tide…No Ride


Spanish Speak

Estoy estudiando mi espanol de nuevo. I finally decided that I have to know the past and future tense conjugations of the verbs I use. I am long past due. Mind you, I have been to formal classes and been taught them. I never committed to learning them. Frankly I am tired of not being well understood.

Hmmm…is that my poor Spanish or the cerveza? 😉

Sunset Spectacular

What a week of sunsets! I can’t believe the spectacular shows I get to watch. Each evening the intensity of light, presence of clouds, and spectrum of colors has varied greatly; each one creating unique paintings brushed with unashamed abandoned across the evening sky. I have probably taken close to 100 sunset pics this week.

And now you get to see them all. Just kidding. I’m only going to give you a couple still shots and a video of the actual sunset as a sample of what I have been fortunate enough to imbibe in this week. Drink up!

familiar routine