Friday, Nov 10th, 2017

Honor a Veteran Today

Happy Veteran’s Day (tomorrow)! Do you think a veteran gets the thanks he or she deserves by our nation? Do you know a veteran? Have you said to them “Thank you for your service”? I’m 55 years old, at the tail end of the Baby Boomer generation, and my life, personally, has not had to endure direct conflict, war, or threat. Why is that?


Remember the Veteran

I believe it is because of men and women who choose to serve and protect our way of life. I admit this is something I can take for granted. It is something I can go to sleep around because my days happen, pretty much one after the other, not having to worry about a foreign nation coming onto US soil and destroying what I am blessed to enjoy. I am able to enjoy this off the backs of others who protect it. So to those men and women who serve and have served, I gratefully say, “Thank You!”.

Even in the midst of the extremists and the fanatics, you, the veteran of our US military, continue to put your life on the line to keep other’s, like mine, safe. You all are owed a great deal of thanks for your service to our country.

For those who have not served, have you thanked a veteran today?

Spanish Lessons

Easton and I started Spanish lessons again, about two weeks ago now. I am being a total slug. Our lessons are on Mondays and Thursdays. There is plenty of time to study between classes each week and I just can’t seem to make myself do it. This is a problem, and I have to figure it out. I thoroughly enjoy class when I am in it. It is challenging, engaging, and I feel like I can understand what is said and how to say it…in class. Of course, put me out in public with the locals and my mind becomes a steel trap…nothing aint’ gettin’ out. 😛

Killasisa’s Coffee

Coffee Time at Killasisa’s in Montanita

In Love with Cappuccino at Killasisa’s

Speaking of getting out, Heidi and I have been making an almost daily run to Killasisa’s in Montanita for the best cappuccino on the coast. Soraya, the owner, also serves breakfast and lunch. By the way, her desserts are also the best along the coast. (Yes even better than Benito’s in La Entrada.)

I love the coffee. Heidi made a great Blue Footed Booby rock for people just like me…and maybe you too? Check him out at Killasisa’s when you are there.

What’s Your Spirit Animal?

Play with Knives in Ecuador!

When Heidi and I got off the bus in Montanita this week, we walked past these two boys. I was intrigued watching them sharpen knives on this homemade machine. I also thought how cool their moms let them “play” with knives. 😉 When I was done capturing the video below I looked around and didn’t see Heidi. I found her around the corner. The first thing she said to me was, “Those kids shouldn’t be so close to people with those knives!” Yes, said only as a mother can. 🙂

Here are some more pics and video I took this week on my “out and about” days.

Abuela and her nieto

On my way to Spanish class I found myself behind this boy being walked around with bare feet by his grandmother. Who needs shoes anyway?

Small Fishing Boat Just Off the Beach at Our House

Watching this boat off my deck had a relaxing feel to it. Of course not everyone gets to relax all afternoon. The video below shows men getting their nets ready for the nights fishing work.

And the last thing I leave you with is a picture of four teenage boys untangling their net to hand cast out into the ocean from the beach. Good luck lads!

Boys Gone Fishin’ Ecuador Style