Friday, Nov 17, 2017

Shake, Shake, Shake

We had a bit of a shake at our house this morning. This was the first sizable tremor I have felt since living in Olon. Evidently it was felt to a much larger degree in Cuenca and to a lesser degree in Bahia. The earthquake monitor says it was about 4.8M originating around Guayaquil.

I think Heidi, Easton, and I still have a bit of PTSD from the earthquake in Bahia de Caraquez last year. As I felt the floor sway and the house shake, my heart rate increased and it took a minute to settle down after the brief shaking. The worse part is the noise the ground and building make; in this case it was only a muted roar from the ground and some popping from the house. Last year that roar was so loud you had to shout to be heard, and windows were exploding.

Health Is A Blessing

I have been sick this entire week. Easton was sick all of the previous week. Something has definitely been going around the area. At this moment I feel OK and I hope it lasts. Earlier in the week, aches and chills set in during the afternoon and evenings, but were gone in the mornings. By Wednesday night I was in a bad way with headache, fever, sweats, nausea, and full body ache as a continuous reality.

It is amazing how dire things feel in the middle of the night when I’m sick. I lose perspective. The first thing I think is, what am I doing here? My mind goes to all the terrible “what ifs” that involve going to the hospital. How will I get there? Where will I go…La Libertad (a little over an hour drive) or Guayaquil (closer to a 3 hour drive)? Who will I get to help me communicate? What kind of medical care will I get? And on through the night, between bouts of profuse sweating, my thoughts travel.

The reality of it is, is this. I can call a taxi to drive me to the hospital in La Libertad. Even if I was unconscious, competent medical personnel are present who could figure out what’s wrong with me, or if not, then stabilize me. If more advanced care is needed, they would have me transported to Guayaquil. It would work.

Yes, I must be feeling better. 🙂

Secret Garden

Heidi and Easton have been working on a container garden project. They had a local man in town make these garden boxes from plans they gave him. I think the boxes turned out really nice. Next step is to fill them with dirt and plant all the vegetables Heidi and Easton are excited to grow. Should be just in time as the sun returns back to us on the coast.

Terrace Garden Containers

Heidi is in La Libertad right now buying 50# bags of dirt to use for planting. She started growing jalapeno plants from seeds several weeks back. Right now the plants are loaded with jalapenos. I can’t wait to eat our own home-grown “jalies”.

Jumpin’ Jalapeno!

Is It Raining?

I was sitting at a cafe across the street from this house (pic below). Heidi, Easton, and I were enjoying lunch and talking with some other people who were there. I was facing this house. A young mom without a shirt on walked up to the second story window. She was holding her toddler size daughter, who only had a t-shirt on, across her chest. My guess was she just finished nursing her. At any rate, the woman leans forward so she is holding the girl outside the window…and then the toddler pees onto the roof. That was a new one for me.

It made me ask myself two questions: does this house have a toilet and does the mom have diapers for her daughter? Things I have always just taken for granted.

Raindrops Keep Falling On My Head

Seven Day Forecast

Chase is due in here on the 25th. He has one week left of teaching in Korea. Sounds like he is getting out just in time. Seoul gets all four seasons and winter is fast approaching. I expect when he arrives we will be back to perpetual blue skies and heat here. Thank goodness!

Confronting Deeper Issues

I’m in a low point currently in my move to Ecuador. I am fast approaching the two year mark of living here. I’m nowhere near where I thought I would be in my Spanish speaking ability. My coaching practice is in need of serious growth. I am facing my own sets of fears about what kind of life I will be able to create living here. I battle thoughts of “what I gave up” vs “what I can create”.

My feelings aren’t unusual. Living abroad seems to follow a predictable emotional pattern. Initially it begins with the highs of the Honeymoon phase. Everything is new and exciting. New people, sights, foods and smells. Then the lows of Culture Shock roll in. You are confronted with the real challenges of how to travel, shop, speak, and function with locals in their environment. After a bit, a rising feeling of Adjustment prevails. You have learned how to survive, and prove to yourself you can do it. Then a period of Confronting Deeper Issues weighs in, or maybe weighs you down is a better description. It’s a presence with all your vulnerabilities and triggers. If you survive this phase, an upward movement of Adapting and Assimilating await you!

Just One of the Phases

I find myself in the Confronting Deeper Issues phase right now. I’m confronting my own limiting beliefs about what I can actually do…speak Spanish, create a successful business abroad, embrace happiness in Ecuador. I knew it would show up, I just didn’t know when. In my gut I know I can meet the challenges ahead, and it is all uncharted waters for me.

While I figure this out I will work very hard not to be an ass. There seem to be a lot around here already. 😉

confronting deeper issues

Who You Calling an Ass?