Sunday, Mar 13, 2016

I hope everyone has enjoyed their Sunday! For all my friends in the States who “sprang forward” today, I’m sorry you lost an hour of sleep. Ecuador doesn’t participate in trying to manipulate time so I didn’t lose any sleep. I did sleep in an extra hour this morning in support of anyone who felt short changed…after all, what are friends for?

I have to say how weird it feels to wake up and not have anything to do or anywhere I need to be. I’m still unaccustomed to not having a job. I am working through it though, and I’m determined to be successful at this!

I got an email today from a man I worked with for nearly 20 years. Robert is a friend and a colleague and his email made my day! I was updated on all the happenings at my previous employer. My friend blamed me for the employee turnover that has started since I left.

It made me smile, but the turnover is from people moving forward in their lives. Going to school, graduating from school, pursuing a career, having babies, whatever, it just is a time of transition for many of the people I had worked with for such a long time. It is funny how energy seems to be shared or picked up by others, causing similar movement.

If you think that isn’t true or doesn’t happen, ask yourself how many times you have gone to a restaurant or store and it is suddenly filled with other people doing the same thing. If you have ever worked in a retail environment how many times have hours passed with virtually no one coming in, then suddenly everyone shows up at the same time wanting to be served. It’s weird right?

I was excited to hear about the changes happening at my previous job because I completely enjoy seeing others create good things in their lives. My friend Robert does too, he just has to continue keeping the place together through all the transitions, and let’s face it…more work, more time, and more stress. I guess I’ll spend more time on the beach and send that energy to my friend. 😉