Saturday, Mar 12, 2016

Today is an easy day. Heidi went to the farmer’s market this morning with Miriam and got to spend some time catching up with her. Easton spent the morning reading, and I was working on my blog.

It is Donna’s birthday today (woot woot!) and we were invited, along with some other friends of hers, to join her and Don at Saiananda for lunch to celebrate it. It was the perfect place to enjoy easy conversation in a beautiful setting while enjoying really great vegetarian food.

Saiananda is a most interesting hotel and restaurant located alongside the river just before entering Bahia. The hotel grounds are filled with so many different types of trees and plants. There are several peacocks, fancy pigeons, 20160312_125932 macaws, 20160312_125926and even a three-toed sloth on the grounds. It is serene and peaceful. It was a fun experience for us.