Tuesday, Mar 8, 2016

It’s been great not having to be anywhere today. Today is bright and the skies are blue…and full on sun outside. I think it is one of the hottest days yet!

We had a local guy, named Ivan, help us out today and translate for us at the post office. We now have an address and PO Box! Our address is:

Todd, Heidi, or Easton Gorishek
1302-102 Casilla de Correos
Bahia de Caraquez 131101

To avoid extra fees and tax on our end, packages must weigh less than 8.8 pounds (4 kg), and have a value less than $400.

Heidi has developed quite the pool work-out routine with her girlfriends. The boot camp that Easton and I go to is led by a guy named Henry, and he makes us work very hard, so the woman have labeled their workout routine Henrietta’s. I hear it’s pretty hard too.

I went to Spanish class for the first time since being sick. It is snowballing and I am going to have to spend several hours memorizing all the verbs we have been given. Our instructor gives us a verb and has us make a sentence using it. I like doing that but it is hard!

Easton wanted to go swimming in the ocean late this afternoon. It was beautiful with the sun hanging low over the ocean surface amid a slight cloud cover in the sky. IMG-20160309-WA0000 At first I almost didn’t go. I was working on my website and didn’t want to take the time.

I recognized something going on in that moment. It doesn’t matter if I am in St George or here in Ecuador, if I don’t stop to do the things that nourish my soul and connect me to a higher place, I’m missing out.

Traveling to somewhere new, and living here doesn’t mean anything if I don’t make a conscious choice to engage with it…the beauty, the culture, the different way of life that exists here. When I don’t make room or time to enjoy it, I might as well have stayed in St George.

Isn’t this the challenge we all face every day? Whether it is spending quality time with the people we love in our lives, or spending time nurturing our inner selves, it doesn’t happen by itself. It usually requires a conscious choice to temporarily stop the “important” thing we are doing, and spend time “being” in those moments that ultimately feed our soul and bring us the greatest joy.

Have you fed your soul today?