Saturday, Oct 8, 2016

I have nothing to talk about of what I did today in Ecuador. I have been writing most of the day, and I never even made it outside. My sons were doing cool things like biking Cotopaxi volcano today. And before I knew it, Chase, Easton, and their friend Christian came through the door at 9 pm back from Quito.

Fortunately my son’s have a life and get out and do things. 😉 They had a blast hiking up near the top of the volcano. Their tour guide parked the van with the bikes, and then they were able to hike up even further. I believe they were at 16,000 feet at their highest point on Cotopaxi, which is the tallest active volcano in the world.

When it was time to ride the bikes down, the path going down the side of the mountain volcano was very steep and very bumpy. They had to go pretty slow so they didn’t turf it. As you can tell from the pictures, the weather up there was not what anyone typically thinks of in Ecuador. I felt no jealousy about that part of their trip. 🙂

Moonscapes cotopaxi volcano

Moonscapes on Cotopaxi

16000 feet cotopaxi volcano

16,000 feet on Cotopaxi

Biking cotopaxi volcano

Biking and Hiking on Cotopaxi Volcano
(Chase, Christian, Easton)

I’m looking forward to biking and hiking a volcano, but I’m waiting until I can see the glow of lava at the top of the cone. 😉