Tuesday, Oct 11, 2016

Piedra de Agua…again

Chase and Easton wanted to take me to Piedra de Agua, which is the hot volcanic water spa 15 minutes from our place, on my birthday a couple of weeks ago. Because of things we had going on then it didn’t work out, so today they took me. It was also an opportunity to show Christian this cool (hot?) place Cuenca gets to have near to enjoy.

When Heidi and I had been here several weeks ago, school was out and the pool area was filled with families and their kids. Today, we were nearly the only ones here. It was like our own private retreat. The mud is supposed to make you younger. I put it in my hair, and yeah, younger by 10. What do you think?

piedra de agua

Mud Fun

Back at Home

Heidi was waiting for us at home, and as soon as we got back, all of us headed out for lunch. We decided to go to Prova’s, the restaurant right by us, since it was approaching 2 pm. When we came back to the house I was beat, and I hadn’t even done anything yet. It must have been all the hot water and steam at the spa.

Dinner Time

We met our buddy Scott (Colleen is visiting family out of the country right now) for dinner at El Mercado. I like the atmosphere of this restaurant, and the food is really good. Heidi and Christian tried the fondue which she said was really good. Chase and Easton did the same and also shared a grilled steak sandwich. I tried the grilled scallops, with a calamari salad. It was really good too. Scott had the octopus which I am convinced I need to try next time.

Fondue at El Mercado

Fondue at El Mercado

el mercado restaurant

Dinner at El Mercado Restaurant

I bet it sounds like all we do here is eat, but I promise…we take naps too. 😉