Monday, June 27, 2016

We all started Spanish class today. There are 18 people in our class. They also had a few people on a waiting list so they decided to start a second class and invited any of us who would like to, move to that class. The times are not as good for us so we are staying put. The class went well, people in it are nice, and the teacher seems well informed and able to teach. Hopefully this will get our language learning back on track.

20160627_122337Heidi finished making the bread she started yesterday. Her oven trick worked for making it rise, and the bread is delicious. If the sun would stay out long enough she probably could set the dough out on the terrace to rise, but at least lately that can’t be counted upon.

I am still learning to enjoy Cuenca. It is funny how people are different. There are so many expats here that can’t imagine being anywhere else. The architecture of the churches, cathedrals, and buildings of El Centro, the free symphonies and concerts, the many, many different restaurants and food here make them happy. I can see it in their eyes.

I feel off a half-beat living here. I like all those things too but that wouldn’t have been enough to get me to leave everything behind and move to South America. My soul is not being fed here like it was on the coast. I’m sure it has to do with my affinity for the ocean, the beach, the sun, and tranquility found in the still of the morning there.

Still, I believe there is something here for me to discover or do or become. Right now it feels vague as to exactly what it is. When I think of picking up and going back to the coast though, it doesn’t feel like that is the right move, even as much as I would love being back there.

Currently I’m still in an unsettled state of mind and being living here, and I just need to figure out what that is all about. It is going to take some time.