Sunday, June 26, 2016

I wrote an article for and it was published today. It was a short piece on dealing with the stress of moving to a foreign country. You can read it here. I’m excited to have been able to write for them. Hopefully my writing will keep improving and I will find more opportunities like this.

20160626_203027Heidi is making bread today. She tried once before but it didn’t rise correctly because this place is so damn cold. This time she has the oven on, and the dough is in a bowl on top of it. The hope is that the heat radiating around the oven will keep the temperature warm enough that the dough rises. We really don’t live in the arctic but it is too cold in here for dough to rise on its own.

We spoke with a couple today who have lived in the Sierras (Cuenca and surrounding towns in the Andes) for the last four years. They told us that it usually rains in June like we have seen. July will be sunny but getting cooler. August is the worse month and it will be very cold. We were told to expect highs in only the 40’s. I don’t know how we are going to stay warm in August. I guess we will figure it out when it happens.

Easton has spent the day reading the financials of various companies quarterly and annual reports. He has been spending a lot of time learning how to evaluate and value companies. He is managing his own IRA and stock account and I am proud he has already learned how to do something that 95% of people cannot, or will not, do with their investments. I have fun discussing the things he is learning with him. I’m always up for learning new things too.

We all start Spanish classes this week. They will be twice a week for an hour and a half. This particular method is called Comprehensible Input and the idea is to learn using the right side of the brain where speech is developed, instead of using simple understanding of the language which is left-sided brain learning. I am interested to see how this works. People who have done it seem to be swearing by its effectiveness. I hope so!

Guess that’s it. Have a great week everyone!