Saturday, June 25, 2016

It’s been a good day today. We also had more sunshine during the day which helps my mental state out a lot. In the morning we ate breakfast on our terrace while the sun was shining and it actually got hot. When the sun is out it definitely warms things up here. In the afternoon we took Monte and the landlord’s dog, Max, for a walk.

20160625_125040Max is a two year old husky who is super sweet. He tries to make himself “small” when Monte is around, but Monte isn’t having it. Max will crouch flat on the grass with his rear end up just a bit in the play position, but he is still huge compared to Monte. We are trying to get Monte more comfortable being around Max so today we took both of them for a walk. It was a good walk and Monte seemed better when Max was close to him.

20160625_130517On our walk along the river we passed a cow. Did someone lose it? It seemed like a very odd place for a cow to be but it didn’t seem bothered. It was just laying along the bank of the river enjoying the sunshine like the rest of us I guess.

When we got back home we brought Monte into the yard with Max, both on their leashes, and Monte still was not interested in being in a fenced in area with Max. Still, we are making progress because before the walk Monte wouldn’t even go into the yard area with Max. I am hopeful that after a few more walks Monte will warm up him.

20160625_171223Heidi and Easton had met a man while standing in line for coffee a couple of days ago and they got to talking. Tonight we all met him for dinner. Before we went to dinner Heidi, Easton, and I were exploring more of El Centro. On one of the streets we were behind two people selling this stuff that looks like ice cream but is more of a whipped cream substance (that never melts) stuffed in a cone. I haven’t had the courage to try it yet.

When we arrived at the restaurant I was introduced to Aurobindo, who asked me to call him Auro. He is originally from Sri Lanka. Now for a geography test: where is Sri Lanka? Do you know?

Auro lived in the states for 30+ years and has recently moved to Ecuador. He has only been here for one week. His wife is Venezuelan and is in the process of joining him here after their visas are approved. We had a nice time over dinner getting to know him.

Another encounter with a fascinating human being. Aurobindo was working for an oil company in Iran as a young man, and was there during the revolution and take over of the American Embassy. He has traveled and lived in various places of the world since then, and seems to have an adventurous spirit. He does have a great energy about him, and is in tune with many of the things I find important in this life. I’m looking forward to getting to know him better.

Life is interesting. You just never know who will be placed in your path. Just be open and see what unfolds. So far I have not been disappointed.