Monday, Jul 25, 2016

A new restaurant opened up in the building that was just built one block from us. It’s called Prova Cafe Bar and Restaurant, and it has a casual yet classy feel to it. Heidi and I stopped in for lunch and tried their almuerzo…only $3. The soup was a cracked barley, yucca, chopped carrot combo and was excellent. The meal was spinach stuffed pork, roasted potatoes and carrots, green salad and rice. The pork was a bit tough, but the flavor was excellent.20160725_154605

We tried the cafe con leche and it was piping hot, delicious and a perfect way to enjoy the peach dessert served after the main plate. The regular menu looks good too. As you can see, they serve fondue…both cheese and chocolate! This may become a favorite hangout for us. Prova Cafe Bar and Restaurant is located on Primero de Mayo and Gaspar Carvajal in Edificio Santa Lucia. It’s worth a visit!20160725_155950

Yesterday when we had lunch with Pam, an Ecuadorian man walked by our table on his way out and said to us, “Buen provecho”. Pam explained that instead of saying good morning or good afternoon as people walk by someone in a restaurant, they say, “Buen provecho” which means “good eating” or “enjoy your meal”. It is an idiom and doesn’t translate straight across.

As Heidi and I were enjoying our lunch at Prova’s, a group of people who had finished eating walked by us on their way out and said, “Buen provecho”. I wouldn’t have caught or understood what they said if Pam hadn’t educated us the day before. What I don’t know is, the proper response to someone who has already finished their meal? I just went with “Gracias”.

I watched something today different from I am used to seeing. In Ecuador most of the steel light poles have 8 x 10 paper signs on them advertising one thing or another. As far as I can tell, no one ever removes them.

20160726_090752 (1)20160726_090812I saw a man putting a sign up on a pole using a paint brush and a bucket filled with glue. He just lathered it on the back side of the paper and slapped it on the pole. One for each side. I guess this explains why the signs are never removed here.



The last several days I haven’t been able to tap into any real reflection or depth in my blog. There is something brewing inside me…commentary on the world, editorial of life and meaning, something. It’s bubbling but hasn’t surfaced yet.

I know my hesitation in letting it out is due to the political and social climate in my own country. I want to be part of the solution for the challenges we face as a nation and global community in the 21st century. What I am hearing from the talking heads on US tv, and what I am reading in the myriad of US fb posts, is a witness to people lost in their own fears. I don’t want to be part of that. My question becomes how do we as a people move from fear and into love as we answer the challenges before us?