Wednesday, Feb 17, 2016

I don’t know what my deal was this morning but I woke up in a low mood. Today is a work out day and I was not in a good mood going. I did tell myself that it’s good for me to exercise; it’s not going to kill me; and it is what I want to be doing. That was enough to get me there, and when it was over I felt so much better!

Spanish class is really starting to snowball. In each class now we are getting more and more words and phrases. I need to start memorizing them for longer periods of time each day, and I need to practice using them more. We do try when we run into the locals whether it is at the store, a restaurant, in our building, or wherever. It is very exciting to be able to communicate something other than Hola or Chao!

We went to the farmacia today to get some contact cleaning solution and some antibiotic eye drops for Keeper. Two large bottles of solution were $29.99. Uuugh! The antibiotic for Keeper was under $7 dollars…and I didn’t need a prescription, just showed them the bottle I had.

After that, we walked home taking the beach route. 20160217_182141-e1455829147107-169x300We are blessed to be able to have the water lapping on our feet with a beautiful sunset in the making as we walk home.

When we were almost home I realized I didn’t have my damn water flask again! I left it on the counter at the pharmacy when I was paying for, then grabbing the bag filled with my contact solution and antibiotic. Fortunately, they had it waiting for me when I arrived asking about it. Phew!

It has been a nice, chill day all in all.