Friday, Jun 21, 2019

Where Did the Sun Go

The June gloom is definitely here. The week itself over all has been gray and rainy. I am thankful however that yesterday was full on blue sky and sun for about 5 hours. I sat out on my terrace and soaked up the rays like a warm pancake being covered with maple syrup.

The bad weather wasn’t a total disaster though. Earlier in the week I was still house sitting, and in my friends roof top hot tub, I could be nice and warm while enjoying the cloudy, mist covered ocean.

Surprise Visitor

I was out having a beer this week with friends when a visitor decided to land on my head. I like dragonflies, and apparently they like me too.


The wildlife has been hanging with me this week. On another day, I was walking on the beach to Olon and a bird decided to walk with me. Well, at least in front of me.

Time for a Doctor Visit

I think I might have a hernia. Maybe two. Nothing is visibly apparent, but when I cough or sneeze it feels like wack-o-mole going on in my groin. I decided to go to Cuenca next week to have it checked out. Hopefully I don’t have one, but if I do, looks like I will be experiencing Ecuadorian surgical healthcare.

I have IESS, the national insurance, but I didn’t even attempt to begin that process. All I could foresee was a lengthy wait to be seen, then another lengthy wait to be scheduled for surgery if it’s necessary. I also have my doubts if laparoscopy is available through that insurance. The difference in recovery time between laparoscopy and open surgery is a few days vs a full month. At any rate, I’ll keep you posted on how this process works here.

Enjoy your weekend.