Friday, Jun 16, 2017

A Good Life

Living a good life is a strange concept. What makes a life “good”? How many answers do you think there are to that question? I suspect there are as many answers as there are people living. I’ve been thinking about this question in terms of living in Ecuador. What does living here do or not do for me to live a good life?

The first thing that comes to my mind is that I have expanded my boundaries, and thus my experience of life, by moving to Ecuador. Experiences rank pretty high for me on the good life list. As far as we know, we get one go of our time on this planet. Doing what I can to experience what the world offers helps me understand the vast potential of life…living, creating, and being. When I am in this place I find more confidence, drive, and desire to also create, live, and be while I am here.

Life Is Different

Since I have been in Ecuador I have seen incredible vistas, both along the sea and from the mountains. I have watched people live their lives in ways I never did, and possibly never could. Most importantly it opened me up to the concept of things being “different” without needing to attach judgement of things being “good or bad”. For me, living a good life means less judgement and more curiosity. Living in Ecuador provides me ample opportunities to practice this every day.

Connection is also highly ranked on my good life list. I continue to learn Spanish and use that to connect with the people here. It is so satisfying when I can have a basic conversation in Spanish with someone.  Ultimately, behind the words, it is about “I see you, and you see me”. Being able to do that changes me in a way I like. It makes me feel part of our greater shared humanity. Living in Ecuador provides opportunity to get out of my comfort zone and connect with people in ways I never would have living in the US.

What’s On Your List?

So I don’t know what makes a good life for you, that is a list only you get to make. What I do know is that it’s important to be clear what needs to be on that list, and then go for it. I’m still figuring out the ways Ecuador can add to those things on my good life list. What have you figured out must be on your list?

Change of topic…

Sun Returns to the Coast!

Roy and Melody are here visiting us, and this week it has been almost entirely cloudy and rainy. After a 13 day stretch of gray gloom, the sun has come back! This not only makes the days bright and cheerful, a sunny sky provides some spectacular sunsets. Take a look.

A Good Life…

…a Good Wife

Good Life Connections

Heidi made a new connection on the beach this week….

Connect to Beauty

We did get to enjoy a nice evening at the Roadhouse with good food, music, and company. An opportunity to meet people on their own journeys creating their own “good” life.