Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Today has been a mentally tough day for me. Nothing specific has happened to cause my low mood. I woke up like this and it has persisted throughout the day. I know it will pass, and for today I accept I am operating at a much lower vibration than normal. It happens.

It’s been cloudy and cold almost the entire day. Late this afternoon it rained just a bit. I planned on sleeping in this morning but that didn’t happen when my mind went to my dog Keeper. When I think of her final moments I get claustrophobic, and I have to get up and move around or I swear I will go crazy. Maybe I am already crazy. Joke…kind of.

I spent too much time in articles, discourses, and threads of the happenings of the world, the state of my country, the violence of people, one to another. A couple of hours of that this morning pretty much did me in. Big problems with serious consequences. So what is the answer?

Maybe it would be good to start with everyone looking themselves in the mirror, and each person work on becoming the best person he or she can be? Forget about what anyone else is or is not doing. Focus on the man or woman in the mirror. And honestly, until each person can “walk on water” we, as individuals, could try being very hesitant to point fingers, cast blame, judge, ridicule, attack, tear down, destroy, or kill someone else.

I have more work to do on myself to become the man I want to be in this world than I have lifetime left to do it in. More heart, more love, more compassion, more kindness, more generosity, more understanding. Can anyone ever say he has maxed himself out in these things toward another? Who is your model? Who is your example? What is your standard? What is your endpoint of achievement? Are you actually there? I’m not.

For me, it seems this world would be better if more people were concerned about making themselves into better humans, rather than people trying to make other humans into the people they think someone should be. Somewhere respect for each other, for our shared humanity, has been lost, misplaced, or forgotten. It makes me sad.

20160602_124731Tomorrow is a new day to try to get it right.