Saturday, Nov 26, 2016

Lunch today was at Pam and Eddy’s. Chase, Michelle, Heidi, and I went to their house while Easton and Paul spent most of the day laying on the couches at home recovering from their previous night outing. The joys of youth.

Pam and Eddy are great cooks. No one ever goes hungry at their house either. Scott and Colleen were at lunch as well, and we all had a lot of laughs around the big dining room table. Lunch was delicious and I’m feeling the effects of eating so much over the last couple of days. Welcome to the holidays!

Chase and Michelle left the lunch before Heidi and I did because they had an appointment with a local tattoo artist to review a sketch of tattoos they each are getting. I’ve been talking about getting a tattoo for years now and haven’t done anything about it. Maybe after I see Chase’s tattoo I’ll go for the buzz of the needle too. We’ll see.

After our lunch, Heidi and I had a nice walk back to our house along the Yanuncay river. It rained for a bit last night and today the water in the river is flowing higher than it has been over the last couple of weeks. This is encouraging. It is really disconcerting to see the river beds almost dry here.

Michelle had met a young guitar player, Julian, from Uruguay on the plane when she came into Quito. Chase was there to pick up Michelle so he met this guitar player too when they got off the plane. Tonight Julian is in Cuenca playing his Latin American guitar sounds at Casa Azul, so we are all going there to listen to him.

It is a nice evening in Cuenca. The chill in the air is reduced by the tall patio heater next to our table. Scott and Colleen joined us and we are all enjoying wine or beer while listening to Julian strum the harmonic chords of his guitar.

We met a new arrival in Cuenca. His name is Larry and he is from the Vancouver, Canada area. He joined all of us at our table and we shared with him some of our insights and learning since living in Cuenca. Larry is here for a couple of months checking things out, and then reporting back to his wife for a possible move.

Casa Azul faces San Sebastian plaza. This plaza is a beautiful park filled with trees, flower beds, benches, and statues. A church stands at one end of the plaza. Tonight there are three wedding parties inside the plaza having their photos taken. In every direction of the plaza a bride in a long flowing white dress can be seen.

The easy sounds of Julian’s guitar were momentarily interrupted by the rapid-fire popping of firecrackers. Then a blaze of light at the north end of the plaza outside the church caught my attention. It was a full waterfall curtain fireworks display as the bride and groom exited the large doors of the church. It lasted for a good minute but I only caught the last few seconds.

When Julian had finished playing he came to our table and visited with us. I learned he is 23 and had been in Puerto Rico for a month prior to coming to Ecuador. He networks with other musicians and finds venues to travel to and play his guitar. I think it is great he has a talent that enables him to travel around the world so young.

It’s been a great evening and I am ready to get home and crash. We said good night to Scott and Colleen and our new acquaintance Larry, and caught a taxi for Casa del Gorishek’s.