Sunday, Nov 27, 2016

I took a long walk west up the Yanuncay river today. I walked by a lot of families picnicking and barbecuing along the banks. Older men were playing soccer on the banks, and children were playing in the pools of water collected among river rocks as the low flowing river meandered by. We have had some rain showers in the evenings the last couple nights and it has helped the water level in the river out immensely.

I stopped and talked to a man about my age, who was with his adult son and daughter. He asked me if I was fishing? I had a branch in my hand I used as a walking stick. Maybe he thought it was a spear. Our conversation was short because it was hard for me to understand him. I told him I am learning Spanish and right now, my words are few. He understood that, and in agreement said my words were “un poquito”. We shook hands, I smiled and continued on my way.

I sat at the river’s edge for probably 20 minutes just watching the slow-moving water pass by me and over the smooth rocks in it’s path. A little ways down from me was a man on the other side of the river doing his laundry. He had his pants rolled up to his knees as he stood in the water and washed and slapped and beat his clothes clean. I bet he is wishing he had a wife…or at least a washing machine. 😉

As I was walking back to my house, the sky began to grow dark. I think we are in for a big storm, which everyone is hoping for so water gets back into the rivers. Within an hour or so after being back home the rain started and it poured. Just like when we were first here, but now not as cold.

Paul made pizza for everyone tonight. He made his own crusts and even his own pizza sauce. For the last day and a half he has been prepping this dinner. His pizza really is delicious. I added some red wine to my meal and it was a perfect.

The evening was spent playing cards. Michelle introduced us to a new card game that involves playing 11 different hands. I was sitting next to Paul and soon discovered his eyes liked to wander to the cards in my hand. To his credit he has no shame or remorse about it. His feeling is that if he can see my cards that is my problem not his. I am however happy to report he lost, and for most of the game was dead last. It’s all about energy folks. 😉

Hope your Sunday has been great, living in Ecuador or elsewhere!