Monday, Nov 28, 2016

Chase's tattoo

Chase’s tattoo

Well Chase did it. He got his tattoo. He and Michelle both got one yesterday. It is a pink Lotus flower commonly seen in Guyana, with part of the flower done in the colors of the Guyanese flag. Chase explained it this way, “The pink lotus flower grew from the trenches all around Guyana. A message from a Hindu Pandit there stayed with me- beauty can come from anywhere, even the darkest of places (trenches), if we are like the lotus and rise above the negativity around us.”

On the edge of one of the petals, in small Roman numerals, is 26 for Chase’s Peace Corps group, followed by a semi-colon. The semi-colon is for hope, love, and support of those struggling or lost to suicide. One of the women in Chase’s group left her service early and committed suicide when she got home. I think he created a meaningful tattoo for himself.

Paul, Easton’s friend, made me laugh a bit today. He wondered how come pics of him aren’t making it into my blog. The truth is that I haven’t been diligent in taking any pictures, so my blog has lacked them the last few days.

And the reality is that for the first few days after Easton, Paul, Cameron, and Shawna got back here from the coast, and after two days of late nights in Cuenca before Cameron and Shawna left, Paul and Easton could only be found sleeping or laying on the couch. How exciting can those pictures be?

Still, they did make it to Piedra de Agua and got the traditional tourist pic all mudded up.

Mud Day Fun Day in Cuenca (Easton, Paul, Cameron, Shawna)

Mud Day Fun Day in Cuenca (Easton, Paul, Cameron, Shawna)

As for pics since then, it still seems like a lot of couch surfing. 😉

Paul keeping his head warm

Paul keeping his head warm

Paul couch surfing

Paul couch surfing

Easton has great friends and they have all been good guests here. I think it’s awesome when you not only like your kids, but their friends too. Just makes things easy.

My coaching practice is picking up. I love it of course, but it does cut into my free time. I went into town with Heidi, Easton, and Paul to visit Chase and Michelle at the tattoo shop and see how it was going. When the tattoos were finished, everyone was going out for lunch . I had to skip lunch and get back home to “work”. I know you all feel sorry for me about that. 😉

Actually everything is going as planned. I’m building my “live” coaching practice, and next is to create some on-line coaching products to generate passive income for myself. I love this journey I am on!

Chase and Heidi made a buffalo chicken casserole for dinner tonight. When Chase came back from the States he brought a big bottle of buffalo wing sauce. He used that to make the casserole. It was really good, really spicy hot, and I have really bad heartburn. I wished he would have remembered to bring Tums back with him too.

Overall, another great day living in Ecuador!