Friday, Oct 27, 2017

Olon Orphanage Fundraiser

The big event this week was the fundraiser for the Olon Orphanage. It was a gathering of the community, locally and from far away, to support this wonderful place that does so much on so little. There were people from Cuenca, people living in various towns up and down the coast of Ecuador, and the locals from Olon and Montanita itself all coming together in support of this event.

The night’s happenings were held at the Arena Guadua, a chévere open air restaurant on the beach at the point in Montanita. The atmosphere was festive and fun. People were happy to be here supporting the kids and staff of the Olon Orphanage. It was also a great evening temperature wise for all who attended. The pleasant Pacific Ocean breeze made drinking my wine throughout the evening all that the more enjoyable.

Lots of Community Support for the Olon Orphanage

Many Hands, Many Blessings

So many people donated hours of their time in planning and preparing for this event. The venue, the coordination of people and materials, the outreach asking for support in various ways for this event was a huge endeavor. Many others donated their goods and services for bidding at the silent auction.

Some really great deals were to be had for the buyers, and all the proceeds went to support the Olon Orphanage. Personally, I was able to have the winning bid on a great 2 night stay at my favorite place in Libertad/Salinas…Casa Blanca Playa Cautivo. Heidi and I love the owners, Dodie and Randy, who know how to create the perfect stay for each and every one of their guests. Score!

Waves of Joy and Design

olon orphanage fundraiserHeidi was busy most of the evening selling unique, hand painted beach rocks that she and her girl friends have created over the last while. These items also included a fun variation of the game Tic Tac Toe, to which Heidi has named Ric Rock Roe.

Heidi and her friend Teresa started ‘Waves of Joy and Design’ to help support local charities through the sale of unique products to tourists and members of the community in Olon. Tonight all the proceeds went to the Olon Orphanage. A big thanks to everyone who so wisely chose to purchase one of these unique and special items. 🙂

olon orphanage fundraiser

Tres Amigos

Turtle Tricks

Gotta Love a Pair of Boobies

Ric Roc Roe

Halloween Version Ric Roc Roe

Christmas Ric Roc Roe


Good Weather Cometh

It seems like I am seeing sunshine more often. The temperature is getting warmer. Some days I am actually hot. It hasn’t been like this here for over 5 months now where I live in Ecuador. This place is so beautiful in the sunshine!

A day on the beach sets everything right.

Have a great weekend!