Friday, Oct 20, 2017

Tranquilo Dias

It’s been a nice tranquilo week living here in Ecuador. Nothing too exciting or strenuous. Seems like the most difficult decision I have had to make is whether I want chicharones de pescado (fish and chips) or camarones arroz (shrimp rice). Guess ya’ have to appreciate the simplicity in that.

The weather has been overcast this week except for one blue sky afternoon. The season is getting close to where all these clouds will lift, the sky will be an intense blue, the sun will shine, and it will be hotter than blazes. All I can say is, “Bring it!” Until then, I do appreciate even the shortest reprieve from the constant cloud cover.

Beach Sights

As Heidi, Easton, and I were walking along the beach into Olon one day this week, we passed this newborn foal and her mama. Both were so skinny it was worrisome. Animals here, however, do seem to survive. Dogs, cats, chickens, and horses seem to have developed tranquilo instincts to find the food they need to live. Most all of them seem to fend for themselves, or at least are not taken care of in the way we generally do it in the US.

“Wait for me mama!”

Catching Critters

Seems like I have seen some critters around our place lately. A couple of weeks ago Heidi and I were walking from our house to the beach and a snake crossed our path. Oddly enough that was the first snake I’ve seen since moving here. I have no idea what it was. The problem with snakes here is that some are poisonous, so I’m not sure I want to be investigating which ones are which.

This highly camouflaged moth was on our house. I really thought it was a leaf that blew onto the wall and was stuck there. When I went to move it, I discovered it was just a tranquilo moth hanging out on the wall. Can you believe the detail? Even the tattered edge is part of the design of this insect.

 A Leaf Moth

tranquilo moth


Roof Top Iguana

Not to be out down by a brown leaf-like moth, this very green Iguana was running across the roof on the house next to us. I rarely see iguanas around here either. Our house has tons of geckos running on, in, and around it, but this big cousin seems to be a bit more reclusive.


I Hear the Pitter Patter of Little Feet

Easton’s Birthday

Feeling Great at 27

The big excitement this week was Easton’s birthday. He turned 27. I can’t believe how old our kids are getting. Sure glad I’m not. ;-P

Heidi was with some of her girlfriends until early afternoon that day, driving into the smaller towns along the coast looking for pots to plant her vegetable seeds in. Her and Easton are working on getting a terrace garden going.

While she was doing that Easton and I walked the beach into Olon. Of course after walking all that way we were parched so we found a beach bar and restaurant and quenched our thirst with some cervezas. We had lunch there too, and watched the surfers ride the waves.

There was a boy about 5 years old who was also watching the surfers at the water’s edge. Unfortunately he got stung by a jelly fish coming in with the surf and was crying pretty good. His mom was eating at the table next to us and went running out to get him. I guess if dad would have been there, he could have peed on the kids arm. 😉


Birthday Beer

After lunch Easton and I went to Mi Cotinga. It is a fun bar/restaurant in the center of Olon. A very nice Russian couple run it. They have many different kinds of cheese you can buy. She bakes fresh bread daily. They serve food, and of course beer and wine. The beer is on tap. It’s cold and frothy. Today it was just the thing for a young man (and his dad) on his birthday.

While we were there Heidi and her girl friends all showed up. Heidi mentioned to the owner it was Easton’s birthday. The next thing we knew the owner brought a liqueur shot and a chocolate cupcake for Easton, played the Happy Birthday song on the sound system, and we all sang. I told you they are nice people.

Happy Birthday to You, Happy Birthday to You…

I think that catches you up this week.  I spared you the internet saga I had. Same story…it works, it doesn’t work, it will be fixed, it isn’t, finally it works again. I know the drill and am…finally…coming to accept this reality where I live along the coast.

Well, the tide is out, the beach is wide, the waves are rolling, and I have to get out there.