Thursday, May 12, 2016

We are meeting our friends Paul and Janet for breakfast this morning. It will be nice to spend time with some familiar faces. We are still very much in the mode of figuring things out here…where things are, where to get things we need, what are the places to see, and what are the things to do. And all of this takes energy. Nothing is quick, nothing is easy. On top of all of these unknown and unfamiliar things, we deal with the language barrier.

I have thought more about my recent angst living in Cuenca. I am creating my own suffering. I believe it stems from attachment. My attachment to a lifestyle and experience I was enjoying and suddenly it was ripped away. I find myself today in the midst of a new experience that is nothing like the one I just had.

I have made a decision. I will not compare, or judge, what I experience here in Cuenca with the experience I had in Bahia de Caraquez. This doesn’t mean if I am not enjoying myself doing something here I will keep doing it. It means that Cuenca offers a lot to do, see, and experience and I want to participate in it. I want to see it. For me it will become part of my collective experience living on this planet.

I’m choosing to become an active observer, not only of the things around me in Cuenca, but of myself as I experience them. I can observe my own reactions to the things I encounter here. I can determine if these reactions are helping me grow into the man I desire to be, or not. Are they helping me become the citizen of this big blue orb that I find fitting? It is a huge opportunity for personal growth and development; for learning and understanding.

We headed out to meet Paul and Janet at a new breakfast place for us called Popacuchu. I highly recommend it by the way. Homemade breads, pastries, and absolute deliciousness abound in this place. It was easy conversation talking about a myriad of things including tips on living in Cuenca.

Before we knew it a couple of hours had passed. We all live in the same direction so we walked together along the Yanuncay river enjoying the sound of crisp flowing water, the beauty of green parks, and more comfortable conversation.

When we got back to our place we took Keeper back to the Vet because her breathing continues to be labored. The Vet examined her, and had us go to another location to get an x-ray of her heart. Congestive heart failure is confirmed. The high altitude isn’t helping her situation. The Vet wants us to continue giving her the medicine he prescribed and see what her status is in 30 days.

He also wants us to bring her back to be checked every 8 days. He seems like a good Vet. The original visit was $12 and he didn’t charge us for her exam today. He said we already paid. The x-ray was $40. At least we can afford to do what we can for Keeper to help her medical situation. We are all hoping she will improve.

Heidi, Easton, and I went for a long walk from our house looking for internet cafes. We headed up Calle Don Bosco and walked a considerable distance with no luck. We flagged a taxi and headed into El Centro. There is a café in El Centro we have passed several times, thought it looked nice, and wanted to try. When we walked in we made sure it had wifi and then ordered coffee. We could not log in. The owner tried, called someone, then told us it was a problem with the city signal. Uuugh.

Not to be deterred we finished our coffee and headed to another new place we wanted to try. They did in fact have working wifi and good coffee too. I’m feeling better about being in Cuenca. There are still some questions Heidi and I need to answer about where we are living. Considering what we will need to invest in furniture to make it comfortable, is it better to just find another, more furnished place?

To be determined.