Friday, Jul 1, 2016

20160701_175120There was an event held at a reception center one block from us. It was to raise money for earthquake damaged areas, and consisted of many vendors selling their wares plus an optional paid dinner event with entertainment. We didn’t sign up in time for the dinner so just walked around looking at what the vendors were selling. Each vendor had to pay $150 for booth space which went to the relief effort. They had entertainment consisting of traditional costumed dancers performing various dances, and others dressed in somewhat bizarre costumes walking among the crowd.

20160702_114938Heidi found some coasters she has been looking for, as well as a kitchen hand towel embroidered with Ecuador on it. We bought a Gringo Tree card which is the equivalent of a merchant discount card that is common in the US. This card is the first of its kind in Cuenca so I am hoping we can use it often at the many retailers they have already partnered with. We also bought some locally made salsa and chips.

One of the vendors was a local meat producer and was selling beef cuts. Since we didn’t have anything to make for dinner we bought some Lomo Fino which is basically a beef tenderloin. When we got it home we made a stir fry with the meat and it was fantastic!

Tomorrow we plan on going to a Tattoo Fair they are holding at a cultural exhibition building. I think it will have many traditional and local tattoo exhibits, vendors, and artists. I’ll let you know.