Friday, Dec 16, 2016

Uuugh. Woke up to pouring rain. Not what I was hoping for today. Since it is run day, Chase was trying to tell me we needed to go. I said hell no. Being cold and wet on top of not being able to catch my breath is not how I am going to start my morning. I am open to running tomorrow though if the weather cooperates.

The rain did stop, and this afternoon I walked to get my haircut. I don’t understand how I am continually losing the hair on the top of my head, while the hair on both sides of my head seems to grow out twice as fast. Balding makes for Bozos I guess. 😉

When I arrived at the place for my haircut, I asked Carlos, the guy I like to cut my hair, if he could cut it. He had another client or two ahead of me so he said it would be 40 minutes. No worries, I decided to go for a walk in the surrounding neighborhood and check it out.

I like the neighborhoods in Cuenca. It doesn’t seem to matter where in Cuenca I am, there are always surprises to be discovered in the neighborhoods tucked away between busy streets or businesses or places one wouldn’t expect to find anything “nice”.

I walked past two homes on quiet streets that had big gardens either in front or on the side of the house. The ground was still wet from the rain which seemed to make the fragrance of the flowers in the beautiful gardens all the more intense.

The smell of roses was particularly strong, as well as some sweet smelling vine-flower that hung heavy over an old trellis. The houses were old, simple, but the gardens were fresh and alive.

I passed a goose in one of the neighborhoods. I stopped to take a picture because it seemed so out of place to me on the sidewalk. When I was done taking the pic I noticed a man watching me who was sitting in the passenger seat of the car behind the goose. I’m sure he thought this gringo was loco stopping to take a pic of someone’s dinner.

Duck, duck...goose!

Duck, duck…goose!

When I arrived back at the haircut place, Carlos was ready for me. This guy has a good personality and I like trying to have a conversation with him. He only speaks Spanish and it really stretches me to put sentences together.

He is very patient with me and when I tell him I don’t understand what he said he tries to phrase it differently. I would say I understood 80-90% of everything he said to me. I learned he is Columbian, isn’t married but his “wife” lives in Medellin with their 8 year old daughter. He was the only one in the family that could get a permit to work in Ecuador.

He also told me it is a 28 hour bus ride from here to Medellin and because of that he doesn’t get home to often. Currently the exchange rate between the Columbian peso and dollar is 3 to 1 so it is good for him to work in Ecuador where he is paid in dollars.

I left with a great haircut, no longer looking like an applicant for the clown car at Ringling Brothers, and had a good Spanish conversation to boot. Carlos told me I need more Ecuador friends to speak Spanish with. I had to agree with him.

At home tonight we played cards. It was the game Michelle taught us when she was here, 3 and 13. It was a lot of fun to tease one another as we played the 11 rounds. I came out the big winner! This was especially impressive since I gave wild cards away by accident twice throughout the game. I have decided I have a wine “allergy” that impairs my card playing, in fact it impairs just about anything I am doing at the time. 😉