Friday, Sep 28, 2018

Happy Friday everyone. I can’t believe this is my 5th week in the States. It is my last Friday in the US before returning to Ecuador. Currently I’m in Oregon. And as a birthday gift to me this week, the normally gray and drizzly weather of Portland has been unseasonable warm and sunny.  Just perfect for me! I haven’t even had to use the down jacket I lugged across two continents.

It’s been a great week seeing my family and visiting with friends here. Yesterday, Easton, Heidi, and I took a trip to Pacific City on the Oregon Coast. The Pacific Ocean is beautiful here.

The water is also very cold. I only went in the water up to my calves for less than a minute. When I walked out my feet and lower legs felt numb for several minutes.

There is surfing here too. While we were on the beach I saw quite a few people surfing…completely covered by their wet suits, including their feet and hands. I have decided that a person must love to surf to deal with that.

The Oregon coast and countryside is beautiful. What it lacks for me (for most of the year) is warmth, heat. I imagine that most any day on the coast here, except for the sunniest and warmest in the summer, a coat and hat are required. This is why I choose to experience the Pacific coast several thousand miles south of here…4184 miles to be exact.

See you soon Olon. 🙂