Friday, Oct 5, 2018

Last Hurrah

Peggy, Me, Easton- Birthdays and Graduation Celebrations

Some of Heidi’s Awesome Family

My last week in the states was spent in Portland. I had a great visit over the 10 days I was there.

Easton graduated from computer programming school, I had a birthday, and we all celebrated this and more in a big family get together at Heidi’s sister Hilary’s place. It was a lot of fun.





Planes, Trains, Automobiles

I also made it back to Ecuador this week. It is somewhat of a process to get to Ecuador from the west coast. With Portland being the last stop on my US tour (lol, saying that makes me feel like a rock star), I left on Tuesday to head back. I got into Ft Lauderdale at 11 pm so it required an overnight stay. On Wednesday I flew out at 6 pm, which meant I didn’t arrive into Guayaquil until midnight. At that time the bus I take to Olon isn’t running, so I stayed the night there. I finally got to my home Thursday afternoon. Felt a little like planes, trains, and automobiles, or at least planes, buses, and ubers.

Going Back

Many people I visited while in the US asked if I was really returning to Ecuador. It was a fair question I guess, but I have no desire to live in the US right now. I have to say though, traveling back to my place in Ecuador over the course of those two or so days had me thinking. I felt very lonely.

Over these last six weeks I reconnected with my family and friends, and I enjoyed all the time we spent together and the activities we did. Knowing I was returning to an empty house felt different from when the house emptied while I was in it. Having my routine, and it not changing much, when Chase, Easton, and Heidi one at a time left the house didn’t feel overwhelmingly isolating. Coming back was a different story.

I had a mix of feelings as I traveled back…sadness, curiosity, excitement, challenge. It seemed to all be swirling around together. Just breathe I told myself. My landlady had the curtains washed and the place cleaned while I was away. That was a blessing walking in the door; it was a nice space to come into.

It wasn’t until I got my suitcases unpacked though before the anxiousness dissipated. It was weird, but once my clothes were in the dresser drawers and on hangers in the closet, I didn’t feel so sad. I got to spend time with some of my friends here the day after I arrived back, and that felt good too. All in all I’m happy to be back and to figure out what this next year will look like for me.

Weather Report

Currently, it is still the cloudy and rainy season here in the Olon area. I was fortunate to have had almost 100% sunny days while I traveled. I appreciate those sunny days even more now knowing that for the most part, this is what the weather has been like while I’ve been gone.

I also have learned that the sunshine is something I can access in myself no matter where I am.