Wednesday, Oct 19, 2016

Me and my crazy son Easton

Me and my crazy son Easton

Today is my son Easton’s birthday! He’s 26 today and I love the man he is and continues to become. I also appreciate that hanging around him keeps me young in mind and body. Of course some days I would like to kick his ass as he leaves me in his dust on our runs. I guess I’m going to have to run faster to be able to catch him to do that. 😉

We hit lunch today at Sofy’s, a chic and interesting place on the hill coming out of El Centro onto Solano. Our friends Scott and Colleen told us about this place a while back, and since we got off the bus very close to Sofy’s, we gave it a whirl. I think the almuerzo was $5.50 (in reality cheap, but in Ecuadorian almuerzo world, expensive). But hey, it’s Easton’s birthday… nothing but the best for my son.  😉

Sophy's at El Centro

Sofy’s at El Centro

Birthday Lunch at Sophy's

Birthday Lunch at Sofy’s

Happy 26th Birthday Easton!

Happy 26th Birthday Easton!

After lunch we walked along the Tomebamba river for a bit. Eventually we wandered down to the Broken Bridge Tavern, but if it is where I think it is, the place has closed down. Does anyone know? It opened a couple of months ago and we never made it here until now. Looks like we missed our window.

Tomebamba River

Beautiful Day in Cuenca along Tomebamba River

family pic at the broken bridge

Family pic at the Broken Bridge


It’s been a great day in Ecuador. This evening we are settling into Rum and Coke’s and Fabiano’s pizza (delivery), while we get ready to watch reality TV, a cross between WWE Raw and SNL…the last Presidential Debate.