Tuesday, May 10, 2016

The Zumba class in the park was right on schedule with its boombox music at 6:30am. It is a daily thing Monday through Friday. I’m trying to be a good sport about it, and then I remember my easy breezy mornings in Bahia…quiet, peaceful, the ocean lapping at the sand. It is definitely is a different experience here.

I’m having to use all my best “talks” on how to survive and thrive in change on myself lately. And you know, doesn’t it piss you off sometimes when your own words come back to bite you in the ass? It does make me laugh at myself though. Mr. Life Coach having to use his best stuff on himself. Oh well, at least I’m free for my own coaching!

Keeper had a terrible night. Her breathing seemed labored and sounded wet. She has been having periods of shaking along with rapid breathing while she sleeps. There is a Vet right around the corner and I took her there. He examined her and based on his exam believed she may have congestive heart failure. What he wasn’t sure was if her current symptoms may be transitory, or more pronounced now, as she adjusts to living at 8500 feet.

He started her on an ace inhibitor/diuretic drug combo for a two week trial. If she improves he will cut the dosage and wean her off. If she doesn’t improve he wants an x-ray of her heart and a blood sample, then we decide where we go from there. It is hard to watch her uncomfortable and having difficulty breathing.

After getting Keeper squared away, we let her and Monte guard our house while the three of us headed into El Centro to find wifi and grab breakfast. We ate at a place called Sunrise on Calle Larga which we were told about by Paul and Janet. It was a nice place, the food was good, and I liked the open air area in the back where we ate. The downside of sitting in the back is that the wifi would go in and out. Still, we got done what we needed to do.

Right next to Sunrise is a furniture store that our friend Annette told us about. We went in to look for living room furniture. Pepe is the man who makes all this really beautiful furniture. His wife was in the store today and she showed us around. I’m still not keen on buying anything, but if we are going to stay in this “furnished” place I will need to figure something out to make it more comfortable for us.

We walked around El Centro and found a place called the Rotary Market on Gaspar y Vargas. There are two main things this market has, baskets of all shapes and sizes, and basic handmade tables, chairs, and dressers. It was an interesting market, and although we didn’t find any furniture we liked, Heidi picked up several baskets to help organize things around the house.

We had walked into El Centro from our house, a 30 min stroll, and enjoyed the exercise. Now though, it’s looking like rain. I flagged a cab, we all jumped in, and we were walking through our front door 10 min after getting into the cab. We weren’t home five minutes and it started to downpour, hard. If I have to be where it rains a lot, I love being inside looking at it while drinking a hot cup of coffee. And that is exactly what I did.