Friday, Mar 2, 2018

It has been a pretty spectacular week of sunsets, full moons, and gorgeous ocean beaches. Before I show you nature’s eye candy, let me catch you up on the happenings around here. One thing is for certain, the beat goes on.

The Colombia Crew

Chase and Easton, with our friend Michelle, enjoyed their last week in Colombia. It has been a great trip for all of them. Today the three of them are headed back to the States to begin the next chapter of their lives. What are these next chapters? Well for Chase and Easton, there are various opportunities in the pipeline and all anyone is certain of right now is that Chase will be in Atlanta and Easton will be in Salt Lake City when they land. Our friend Michelle heads  back to Alaska with a stop first in Arizona. And so the beat goes on.


beat goes on

The Broskis Enjoying Life

Last Dinner in Colombia for Los Tres Amigos

It’s Good To Have A Bro


Beach Beats

Heidi and I had a great time at Lido’s in Montanita with Terrye, Roy and Mary Ann, and Ada and Rick. It was a fantastic evening dining on the beach with friends and music.

beat goes on

Lido’s Beach Bar and Grill in Montanita

What a great beat the band brought. They are regulars in the area and we are lucky to be able to enjoy three very talented musicians and their unique vibe. It is really amazing to see so much musical talent in Ecuador. It doesn’t matter where we have lived; there always seems to be an abundance of gifted musicians. I’m glad the beat goes on!

Sunset in Montanita

Speaking of vibes, Heidi had an afternoon with “the girls” in Montanita this week. They look like they are creating a good vibe of their own.

Amigas in Montanita (Mary Ann, Terrye, Andrea, Heidi, Soraya)

Nature’s Eye Candy

As I said, nature has given me some spectacular things to look at this week. Here are a few I will leave you with.

Reflection Time

Can You Feel It?

The Moon Has Its Own Beauty

Split Sunset

beat goes on

Ocean Blue