Saturday, Sep 24, 2016

Remember that #7 bus that took us all over Cuenca? Well, it does pass right by our house going west and ends up at Solano. That is where we had gotten on as our starting point when we ended up on a two hour tour of Cuenca.

Today we decided to go to El Centro for lunch and get on the #7 and see if it did indeed go where we thought it would. From my desk I see this bus drive by my window several times a day and through the bus windows I can see the people. In the mornings the bus only has a few people on it and some of them look like they are sleeping as I watch them go by. In the late afternoon the bus is packed, people are standing in the aisle, and I can tell they just want to get home.

It is 1:30 pm when we decided to get on it. The bus stop is weird on the west bound side of the street. The ground sits about two feet above the road, and there is a stone wall that height that runs along the road. When the bus pulls up, instead of stepping up, you actually jump down onto the steps of the bus to enter it. It makes me wonder if anyone falls getting on the bus at this stop. This is Ecuador though, so if they did it would be their own fault.

Boy sleeping on our bus ride

Boy sleeping on our bus ride

The bus was full but Heidi and I got a seat. Chase and Easton headed to the back and stood. It really isn’t a bad ride at all. The bus passes right by Feria Libre where we buy our meat and produce, then continues on to 12 de Abril and follows along the Tomebamba river to Solano. I don’t think we are on the bus longer than 10 minutes before we arrived at our stop and jumped off.

Cloudy skies in El Centro Cuenca

Overcast in El Centro

It’s overcast today and El Centro looks different to me without sunshine. Without the sun rays bouncing off the cathedral domes and church steeples, the buildings look cold and ominous instead of bright and majestic. The many colored flowers, potted and displayed on wrought ironed terraces of these century old apartments, seem forgotten and unappreciated.

We were going to have lunch at the Beer Factory. It’s a place I haven’t been before, but Chase was there previously with some friends, and he thought it would be fun. Unfortunately it was closed today. Bummer! We decided to eat at the Italian restaurant right next to it.

I don’t remember the name of the place. We had a pizza and beer which was good, but nothing about the place would make me go there again. What was better than the food was being together as a family, laughing and enjoying our conversation. I’m happy we have these moments, enjoying our lives today, together, in Ecuador.