Friday, Sep 23, 2016

I didn’t study my Spanish today. It is funny how easy I can be thrown off a schedule. My computer wanted to do some updates, so before going to bed last night I hit the ‘Complete updates and then shut down” button. This morning I booted up my computer and it said completing updates. An hour and 10 minutes later I was finally able to log in to my computer.

My Spanish learning program is on my computer and it is the first thing I do when I get up. After the updates finished, I was beyond that time period. My family was up and about moving around, and my “quiet time” had passed. I still could have done it, but my drive wasn’t there to get it done. I told myself later today, but although “later” did show up, I didn’t.

I have to mention it has been cold here, especially in our house, for several days now. I think August was warmer which makes no sense. I am so looking forward to when I can actually be hot. Right now that only happens in the shower and I probably am pushing 2nd degree burns by the time I get out. It is the only time I seem to be able to get warm lately.

We ventured down Remigio Crespo to grab some lunch. We took Chase and Easton to Ali Baba which is a restaurant Heidi and I have been at before. We enjoyed shawarmas and chicken wings as we watched it rain outside. When we finished we headed to the mall to find ink for our printer. The Spanish word for ink is “tinta” by the way.

Roll em'

Roll em’

The store also sold dice and dominos, so we bought them to play for game night at our place. Game night hasn’t happened since we have arrived in Cuenca however. We want to have people over, but truthfully, unless you are sitting in front of the small heater we have in the room, it is too damn cold. I guess we will have to wait until summer to roll the dice.