Friday, Aug 4, 2017

New Activity

My life has been very routine this week. Haven’t been out much, mostly due to weather, but also because of my coaching efforts taking up so much of my time. Heidi however seems to be the one on the go! She has been helping with some activities this week for the Olon orphanage.

After our visit there last week she came up with a project involving beach rocks and paint. She is getting brave, that is all I can say. She headed to the Spanish only speaking orphanage with a new friend who could speak both Spanish and English to help with an “art” project for 10-15 girls ages 2-11.

Colorful Chaos

Now what do you think happens when you put brightly colored paints in front of a room full of young kids? Well the rocks got painted with cute designs, but it didn’t stop there. Heidi said that the kids were painting their faces and even their teeth. It was then that the mom in her kicked in and she did her best to stop the chaos of these little girls changing their beautiful white teeth to shades of fluorescent reds, blues, and yellows.

Our friend Erwin Musper who introduced us to the Olon orphanage, was on hand to take these pictures of the art project.

olon orphanage

Art Project in Process

olon orphanage

What Should I Paint?

olon orphanage

I Can Paint!

olon orphanage

Finished 🙂

olon orphanage

I Am Much More Interesting to Paint

The Roadhouse Thursday Night Dinner

The next event involving the Olon orphange was Thursday night at The Roadhouse . Darcy and Olga, who own the Roadhouse, provide a “dinner out night” for the kids every Thursday. The restaurant is closed to regular customers and is only made available for these kids. I don’t know the logistics of it all, but basically The Roadhouse feeds a group of about 40 kids from the orphanage every Thursday night.

Our friends Teresa and Shawn are usually there to help bring food to the tables, refill juices, and help the kids get seconds…or thirds if they would like. Since our friends had other commitments this night, Heidi and I stepped in to help serve the kids.

There is a big screen TV at The Roadhouse and it was playing popular Spanish music videos. The kids ate, sang and sometimes danced to the music videos while they enjoyed a good meal.  All I can say is what a great group of kids!


Happy Campers

Meet Ups

Heidi and I were able to meet for dinner with Deborah, a woman we met at Casa Blanca Playa Cautivo last year when we were there with Keeper, and said our final good byes to our little dog. It is funny how “traumatic” events create a bond with people who are around when it happens. Deborah lives in Salinas and came to Olon for dinner with some of her friends. She gave us a shout out and we were able to meet up with her and check in with each other.

Life is really great when you can pause, connect, and share a meal together. Maybe that is all that is needed to create a really fantastic life, because in the end all we have are the connections we took time for while we lived.