Friday, Jul 28, 2017

What? Friday!

Wow. I totally forgot about my blog this week. Too many irons in the fire! Heidi reminded me it was Friday and she hadn’t heard the ding on her phone that my blog made it out. Whoops!

Sunshine…On my shoulders…makes me happy

I guess to start I should say we had one day of about 6 hours of sun! First time I have seen the sun since July 3rd…but who is keeping track, right? It energized me and picked my spirits up immediately. I instantly remembered why I love the coast of Ecuador so much.

San Jose, Ecuador

Bright Afternoon on the Beach

Olon Orphanage

Heidi and I were given a tour of the Olon orphanage. It is the home for about 60 or 70 kids and was built to only hold 50. Seems like this is how these things go. I was a little apprehensive about what I might see. It was weird but in my brain I kept thinking Oliver Twist and “Please sir, I want some more (gruel)” Well, to my surprise it was an incredible place filled with light and love. No dark Dickens characters here.

Olon orphanage

Every Kid Loves a Swing

Boys and girls from infants to 17 years old live at the Olon orphanage. There are different buildings that serve as separate living areas for the different age groups and genders. On staff there are psychologists, social workers, and support volunteers that are there 24/7 for these kids.


Our visit here all started with a conversation over dinner with Erwin, a cool retired man who has found his mission helping organize fund-raisers and getting people in place to address the needs of this orphanage. When Heidi and I entered the playground/courtyard several children ran up to Erwin with smiles and laughter, giving him hugs and obviously happy to see the guy that helps them out on a regular basis.

Olon orphanage

Play Yard Fun

Olon orphanage

Girl’s Bedroom

Of course it became apparent these children are filled with love. Often when Erwin would introduce Heidi and I to many of the them, the first thing they did was give us each a hug. It was obvious by so many smiles and a lot of laughter that these kids know how to be happy. What also was obvious was how clean the living conditions were; how the staff has made this place a comfortable and warm “home” for these wonderful kids. No cruel headmaster anywhere to be found.


Life Is About Basics

It is so easy in my own life to be consumed with my many irons in the fire, yet when I am faced with kids in their circumstances such as at the orphanage, life gets basic pretty quick. Caring people. One person helping another. A hug, a smile, a feeling of security knowing someone cares. These things can help a kid get through so much, and then those kids grow up and give these same things out to the world. At the orphanage, children have lived here, grown to adults, then gone to college, and have come back to help and serve the kids who need them. Love is circular.

Music and Fun

I was able to enjoy a nice dinner out with my wife and friends Friday night. We ate at the Spondylus and the nights entertainment was my favorite couple who you have seen on video when they play at the Roadhouse. I’ll leave you with a few bars and notes of this talented duo.