Friday, Jul 21, 2017

Can’t Live on Love

When I decided to move to Ecuador I had some money to live on but not an income. When I moved here at 53 I was, and still am, too young to draw off my pension, 401k, or social security. I knew I wasn’t finished working when I got here. In fact I had only just begun…a new career that is. It was my intention to begin my full time career as a Men’s Empowered Action Coach, and that is exactly what I am doing.

Focus and Flow

Lately my focus on work has become more serious for me. Although the income is important for my belly, what I feel I am doing is very important for my being. As I acquire more coaching clients and live within my passion of helping men create the lives they want to be living, I become more enthused and energized to do even more of it. I was always told that when you are doing something you love it’s easy to do.

I’m not sure easy is the right word to describe the feeling I have. It is more like flow, and the energy that comes with it. If I could describe the picture in my mind it would be like a fast running river. With boulders strewn throughout the length of the river bed and with angular bends along its course, there is flow. The water moves forward regardless of what it encounters in its path. That’s how I feel. Moving in the direction of my life’s purpose, not always straight, smooth, or easy, but filled with energy and making progress in the flow.

Trust in the Experience

Ecuador is a great place to have this experience. I am away from the bombardment of consumerism, talking heads, and the familiarity of a way of being that allowed me to sleep while awake. Surrounded by intense beauty and simple living, I have space to breathe, room to be conscious, and margin to observe impact of action and choice. Time to create and think in this flow. It is beyond awesome!

I also have been forced to trust. Trust things will work out. And not only that, but trust events and situations I hadn’t planned on or expected are guiding and shaping me to flow in my fullest potential. I think the most fun in this, and also the most scary, is trusting I can figure out how to make things work here for us. I don’t do this alone though. My wife is smart. Her insights and help are invaluable to me…and I have been learning to trust that too!

Gratitude Can Be Gray

The weather has been shit and I am learning to be grateful. It is easy to be grateful when the sky is blue and the sun is shining. This week it has barely been what I would consider “light” outside with the heavy cloud cover and frequent rain. Still, this flow of weather seems like an external manifestation of what is happening to me inside.

Not visible enough to see with great clarity down the beach, I run on; but warm enough to enjoy where I am at in the moment. Focus is required to see my next steps on the pebble strewn shoreline, while I feel energized by the feel of the sand under my bare feet. This is my life right now…

flow of gratitude

Grateful In What Is

…that and Wine Wednesday at the Roadhouse.  This week Heidi and I along with a couple of our favorite people got to enjoy a young woman playing her violin while I enjoyed $1.50 glasses of wine.