Sunday, Mar 20, 2016

Today is Palm Sunday and since most of Ecuador is Catholic it is widely celebrated. We decided to walk to Fika’s for breakfast this morning and on the way we saw a parade of local Ecuadorians walking in the street singing and carrying palm branches. It was a very cool thing to see and hear.

The morning still had that slow Sunday-calm feel, and listening to the many voices of people singing and walking together on the old street of this South American town gave a sense of community and good will to the morning. It was a pleasant treat as we made our way to breakfast.

Linsley is a young 30 something single woman from the States who has a passion for travel and life outside the US. She bought Fika’s coffee shop (from Fika of all people 😉 ) IMG-20160320-WA0001 and serves great coffee,  delicious breakfasts, and tasty lunch items. 20160320_101245-1 This morning Heidi and I had her Banana-Oat pancakes with real maple syrup, and Easton had a shrimp omelette.  We all had a latte. It is a real treat!

When we finished breakfast we headed to the market and picked up supplies. I can now say I feel comfortable going to the farmer’s market. I still can’t speak well, but the people we support know us and are happy to help us. We can buy fruits and vegetables, cheese, milk, fish, meat, and eggs like pros! What a contrast to our very first visit.

You know what I enjoy about living here? I have time to think about things. Since there aren’t the many distractions of movie theaters, shopping malls, a car to drive here and then there, to do this and then that, I can more easily stay in my own thoughts which looks like time in books I want to read, research in things I want to learn, and engaging in conversations I want to have. It really is an incredible opportunity!

I am incredibly blessed on this Palm Sunday.


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