Wednesday, Feb 10, 2016

Not much to comment on today. Worked out with Easton this morning. Henry held boot camp in the dry sand of the beach by the river. I will say that he knows how to mix it up. In fact I had a conversation with him about that when I asked what his work out routine was like. He said he mixes it up every day…inside, outside, combo…and doesn’t know exactly what he is going to do until he is there doing it. He said that’s key to not getting bored and burnt out exercising.

After being out this morning I spent most of the day in the house. Studied my Spanish, went to Spanish class. I am feeling a bit stuck in my head today working on my internet business.

Heidi went grocery shopping with Donna at Mi Comisariato (the big grocery store) and came home with a lot of food…different things that we can’t get at the farmers market.

One of those things was a roasted chicken…think Costco. It looked and was packaged the same way. It cost $8.00 which I didn’t think was terrible for a cooked and packaged food here. Heidi also brought home beets to bake. Yikes! Guess I will give it a try but I don’t really like beets.

We had a great dinner…even the baked beets weren’t bad…with enough butter, salt, and pepper. 🙂

We’ve started watching a TV series called Newsroom. There is a lot of commentary on current events, government, and the way cable news chooses to spin things to an uniformed and sometimes uninterested populace, or rather a populace more interested in hype and gossip than fact. I think it is a true commentary on our current state of affairs, which is really very sad to me.