Thursday, Feb 11, 2016

I can’t believe we are now into our second month in Ecuador. The time has gone fast! I think a recap is in order.

Since arriving we have learned how to buy things at the farmers market, the tienda, the Tia, and Mi Comisariato…all the different types of grocery “stores”.

We have learned where the banks, the farmacias, and some good restaurants are, and experienced service at each of them. We have walked the surrounding beaches of the area, swam in the warm ocean, and enjoyed beautiful sunsets.

We have traveled by taxi and by bus to get around town. We have purchased bus tickets to get us to a city that is a five-hour drive from us. We have stayed in a typical local Ecuadorian Hostal and eaten traditional breakfasts. We have walked in Guayaquil at night, dined in a restaurant, and made it back to our hotel without getting lost… or mugged. We have gotten our Visas approved!

We have started Spanish classes, and can speak some rudimentary Spanish to buy things in the market, to introduce ourselves to people we meet, and to ask who they are. We can comment on the weather too…lol. We are increasing our vocabulary everyday.

We have met some terrific ex-pats who have helped us immensely since arriving to Bahia. We have had an opportunity to dine, to converse, to learn, and to just have fun with our new friends. I feel grateful for their kindness and generosity toward us.

We have found a great place to exercise and get fit. It is with a very fun and interesting group of locals who we are slowly getting to know. They are very welcoming and we feel accepted.

I’m glad I can feel grateful today because it’s been a mentally rough day for me. I’ll write more about it tomorrow.