Wednesday, June 1, 2016

We left our house to meet Vicki and look at a condo she has by the Pumapongo museum and Tomebamba river. It was older but had character. It also had a terrace. What it didn’t have was any storage area (for our 12 pieces of luggage) and in truth, the view wasn’t great. Oh yeah, it is rented from mid June to early July too. If we are interested in this place, Vicki was going to try to get the people arriving moved to another unit for the 3 weeks they are here in Cuenca.

Another realtor, Andrea, showed us a house and a condo. The house was dark inside and nothing special…no view, no terrace, no nothing. The condo was in a six-plex of high-rise buildings, and although this unit was decked out to the nines, the living room windows face the red brick walls of the surrounding buildings. No go.

2016-06-05 22.11.38

Scott and Colleen Cuenca, Ecuador

We met our new friends, Scott and Colleen, for lunch. She is originally from South Africa and he is from the States. They moved to Ecuador from Arizona. I like them. They love to travel, are upbeat, down to earth, and have great stories.

Lunch is at Pedir de Buca and there is a free two hour Spanish class starting at 3 pm. Our original intention was to stay and participate with Scott and Colleen, but we needed to meet Andrea to look at that condo I just told you about.


Maik and Kathy, Bahia de Caraquez, Ecuador

We met up with Maik and Kathy, our friend’s who arranged transportation for us out of Bahia, over dinner. They have been staying in Cuenca for the last few weeks and are headed back to Bahia on Monday. I guess power and water are back on in their building so now it is time for them to begin repairing the damage to their place caused by the earthquake. We had a great time with them and also enjoyed some delicious sushi together.

I will say one thing about Cuenca that is undeniable. There are so many good places to eat here. Often times these restaurants can’t hold more than 12 people, and because there are so many choices for people to eat at, they are never full. So dining becomes an experience closer to being in your home around the table with friends. I like it.