Friday, Oct 19, 2019

A Friend Passes

My Friend Melody

I had sad news this week. My friend Melody, a truly beautiful person, passed away. Her husband Roy sent the news out and my heart broke for him. They were such good companions. Always together, and always happy to connect with others. Melody lived generously both from her heart and hand.

I met Melody and her husband Roy when I lived in Bahia de Caraquez. Before they moved back to the US last year, they visited Heidi and I here on the beach for a few weeks. The four of us would walk the beach between San Jose and Curia, or San Jose and La Entrada as often as we could.

What made these walks especially amazing is that Melody had a terminal lung disease. Breathing was a workout for her. Nothing she did to cause it; just an idiosyncratic disease she got stuck with. It was diagnosed years ago and she outlived any doctor’s expectations. Somehow that is exactly how I came to know Melody; no one was going to tell her what she had to do. She operated on her own schedule and made her own itineraries.



Melody’s passing is once again a reminder of the constant change of things. Days, weeks, months, even years can pass where nothing seemingly changes. As human beings, we hold an unrealistic belief, almost to the point of delusion, that we will always be able to visit this place or that, or see this person or that one. It simply isn’t true. Melody knew this.

From what I observed about her, Melody lived without taking each day for granted. What a gift! I believe we have all had moments of clarity about the tenuousness of life. The trick, the challenge, maybe even the goal is to remember to live each day fully. Breathe each one in deeply. Embrace it with intention. Find the gift.

Life Embraces

Why wait for the perfect situation to do that thing tapping your thoughts and pulling at your heart? Look at it. Invite it in. Get to know it better, then act with intention. These things do not all have to be life changing events. Most are probably small, yet they provide life embraces.

Lined up, one after the other, even seemingly small embraces would provide a rich canvas to reflect upon and be comforted by when it is time to go. I wonder how it feels to leave this existence with a life fully lived? Satisfying I would think. I hope that is my experience.

Breathe Deeply

In the mean time I choose to remember this lesson about living from my friend Melody. As I walked the beach this week, I reflected on Melody walking in the same sand I do now. Despite the terrible weather we were having when she visited, she was just happy to be here. She was breathing in deeply.

Enjoy this next leg of your travels Melody. No visa required.