Friday, Jun 29, 2017

Time Passes

I can’t believe how time keeps truckin’ along so quickly. When I used to post daily in my blog I didn’t feel the passing of time, specifically the speed of it, as much as I do posting once a week. Maybe it’s because I am not keeping track of the minutia of each day, but it feels like Friday is here before I know it.

Since I am on the subject of time lets check in on what’s happening with you. Where are you at doing that “thing” you keep saying you’re going to do? What about that place you want to visit (Ecuador maybe?), or that new educational pursuit you are going to start, or that better job you are going to find? Tick-tock, right?

I’m not pointing fingers. I’m  glad I’m focusing on my coaching practice more, yet lately I haven’t done much with my ebook; my Spanish study has gone the wayside over the last several weeks; my writing is in a blocked state. I’ve been in a bit of a fog around my own to do list. So, I started meditating each morning, and writing gratitudes daily. It’s helping.

Ebb and Flow

Everyone has ebb and flow in their energy and focus. Just like the ocean I watch each day, it is a constant dance between making progress and losing ground, moving forward and pulling back. Unlike the ocean though, you and I can continue moving inward toward understanding, and forward in our progress. We don’t have to give back all the ground we make each day.

So where did you leave off on what you want to accomplish? Is it time to pick it up again? Choose forward motion. Take action. It is the only way to overcome the tide that pulls you away from what you want.

Curious Weather

This is Roy and Melody’s last week visiting before they head back to San Clemente. We have been trying to get out and go whale watching but the weather has not been cooperating. The rain and somber skies that have persisted for over a month now are very unusual for this time of the year. For me it is strange to live in a perpetual blanket of warm, dark white light. Sometimes there is no distinction between sky and sea, it is only an ethereal mist broken by the closest of waves rolling onto shore. I miss the sun, but there is a curious tranquility in the nothingness I am surrounded by.

Despite the rain, we went to Savannah la Mar on the north end of the beach in Montanita for dinner.  It’s a Brazilian BBQ and oh so good!

Dinner at Savannah’s la Mar

Looking for Whales

We did have a break in the rain last Sunday, so we headed to Puerto Lopez to go whale watching. I wasn’t so sure we were going to see any whales, being the start of the season and all, but to my surprise there were several whales out and about. There were also several boats of tourists chasing after them. I’m not sure this was whale watching at its finest.

whale watching

It Was a Whale of a Tale

I’m not sure how I feel about this. I remember whale watching in Hawaii and the boat couldn’t get within some defined number of feet from the whale. The distance seemed reasonable enough to see the whale, and far enough away from the whale that it had room to move in its own “space”. Often times the boat we were on in Puerto Lopez was less than  20 feet from the whale(s). I wondered if we were stressing them out.

Melody did get a good video of one of the whales swimming by.


As we sat still in the ocean waiting for the whales to surface, our boat would rock back and forth as the swells hit us sideways. Several people ended heaving their lunch over the boat on our outing. Fortunately we were not among them!

All in all Heidi and I had a great day hanging out in Puerto Lopez with Roy and Melody, enjoying a speeding boat ride across the ocean, and watching the magnificent whales effortlessly arc through the water.

Lunch on the beach in Puerto Lopez

whale watching

Boating Blast!

Out and About

Earlier in the week Heidi and Melody made a jaunt up to Samai Lodge to get facials. It was a nice morning for them to relax and enjoy some pampering. You can find services like this even in remote locales on the coast of Ecuador. It just requires a few contacts  (Thank you Tania at Samai) and a little ingenuity getting it arranged.

We have been spending more time in Montanita. Whether we are having lunch or dinner there, visiting the pharmacy, or getting supplies at the Tiendas, I’m getting to know this wacky little town better. I have a favorite fruits and vegetables Tienda I like to shop when I’m there. The owners have started recognizing Heidi and I, and I feel like we are being treated more like a local and not so much a tourist. This comfortable familiarity with locals is one of my favorite things to experience living in Ecuador.

Until next week amigos,