Friday, Jul 20, 2018

Celebrate Life

I had an opportunity to say a formal goodbye to my friend Jim Petersen this week. He passed away in February, and this past weekend his wife Bev, and daughter Tamara, were in Ayampe to celebrate life, specifically Jim’s life. The life celebration was held on the beach where many people from Ayampe came and remembered Jim.

celebrate life

I was amazed at the diversity of the group present….young people, older ones (including yours truly), locals, and expats. There was even one young guy from the UK who just happened to wander into our gathering. Bev invited him to stay because she knew Jim would have welcomed this guy, a stranger, to have a seat at his table. It was actually pretty cool because the guy chose to stay and he appeared very comfortable doing so. Good energy.

In fact there was a lot of good energy present in this group; just how Jim would have liked it. Going around the circle, we each shared a story or memory of Jim. One after the other, each person readily brought to life Jim’s very warm being and intellectually eclectic personality. As we concluded, Bev gave each of us a handful of Jim’s ashes to release him into the grand surf along the Ayampe beach. An appropriate farewell for a very adventurous man who blessed so many when he chose to call this place home.

Cloudy Skies

The weather is doing its thing here now. The gray overcast skies and wet drizzle have been happening more frequently this week. Still, it has been so much better than last year. I’m grateful for that. My beach walks continue to provide me interesting things to see and observe.

This vulture looked like an ornament on the stone wall of my neighbor’s house on the beach…

In Montanita the herd of cattle still enjoy their day at the beach…

I’m not sure what this is but isn’t it interesting it comes from the same water you swim in?

This bird was doing a dance for me as I walked by…

Poor guy, he didn’t make it…

This pic isn’t from the beach but in the town of Olon. An old truck sits off to the side of one of its quiet streets. I’m curious how long it has been here and even more curious how long it will remain. It serves no purpose other than for young kids to create adventures, and street cats to sleep in at night.

There is something cool about it for me though. A fixture that adds to the feel of the simplistic and slow pace of life in this gem of a place along the Pacific.


Back At Home

When I got home the other day I was in my bedroom and heard something walking on the roof. Didn’t sound heavy enough to be one of the men doing some remodeling work on part of the building. It didn’t sound light enough to be a bird, even a big bird. I looked out on the terrace and saw what it was. He has been here before and I think it is time to give this fellow a name. Any ideas?

Have a great weekend everyone!