Friday, Jul 13, 2018

Cuenca Friend

Aurobindo and Me

My friend, Aurobindo, came and visited me from Cuenca this week. He said it has been really cold in there lately. He kept telling me how amazing the temperature felt here. Everything is relative of course, because I thought it felt a bit cool with the clouds and early morning drizzle happening this time of year. Auro did, however, bring a couple of days of sunshine with him during his visit. I am grateful, and man, what a gorgeous day we had on Tuesday.

World Cup Semi Final

England vs Croatia Semi Finals (

I also caught 2 semi final games of the World Cup with Auro this week. The game on Wednesday between England and Croatia was a blast to watch. This time, instead of me taking pictures of everyone else watching the World Cup, I was one of those guys sitting at a restaurant in Montanita glued to the TV. The energy was fun to be in.

Auro and I were rooting for Croatia. Since they beat England 2-1 in this semi-final World Cup game, it made for a fun afternoon for us. Tissues, though, to my English expat friends. 😉


When Auro wasn’t watching the World Cup he was doing cool things like leading a group meditation at sunset on the beach in Olon…well, if there would have been sun we could have called it sunset. 😉

Meditating with Auro and the others in the group made me remember how much I enjoyed Auro’s mediation class when I attended in Cuenca. With the breeze blowing in from the ocean, the night air was cool. The evening however was serene and tranquil as we sat in a circle and found that silent place of wisdom to be present with. It is pretty incredible to do this in the black velvet of a tropical beach in Ecuador, surrounded only by the rhythmic sound of the waves of the Pacific.

On our way back from the beach area we came across the OLON sign. These signs are in most every city in Ecuador. Seems it is part of Ecuador’s tourism push. I’m not sure if this is a new sign or they only moved the sign at the town plaza to the beach. Either way, Auro and I got ourselves “the tourist” pic.


I was walking through town and saw some scaffolding built up along side of a very tall tree. It made me stop and look to see what was going on. I could see these guys had been chopping the branches off this tree (by hand, only using a machete I might add) and were in the process of bringing down the trunk.

As I followed the trunk downward I realized it was coming up through the roof of the house. It isn’t often that someone builds a house around a tree. I wonder if they used the tree trunk inside the house to tie one end of their hammock to?

It’s been a fun week. Sometimes it was even all feet on deck. 😉