Friday, Dec 1, 2017

Chase Arrives

Home for the Holidays

We did in fact pick Chase up at the airport in Guayaquil late last Friday night. After his 27 hour travel from Seoul to Guayaquil, we saw our oldest son come walking through the arrival gate.

When he left Ecuador in May he got out with a day to spare on his 3 month visa. He came back in about 15 months from when he first entered the country in 2016. We were all pretty sure there wouldn’t be a problem, but TIE (This Is Ecuador).

Exit Documentation

Just as a foot note, he was asked for his documentation to exit Ecuador when he left Seoul. Oops! I’m not sure why we don’t think about these things. We all know better. He didn’t have any, but being quick on his feet he told Asiana that he is going with a friend to Columbia (this is true) and will buy a bus ticket after his arrival in Ecuador. The agent just typed a note and he was good.

When he arrived in the States he transferred to COPA. Again, they asked, he told, and this time the guy at the desk called someone. After a bit of back and forth Chase was good to proceed. When he arrived in Guayaquil no questions were asked…no insurance, no exit, no red light, no problem! Did I ever tell you Guayaquil is my favorite entry point into Ecuador?

Great Food

While we were waiting to pick up Chase in Guayaquil, Heidi and Easton got their haircut. When they were finished, we realized we were close to a great neighborhood loaded with chic restaurants and bars. This area was in its own gated section.

Sitting around a table outside our restaurant, in the warm air of a peaceful night, I could have been in Anywhere USA. The wait staff was Ecuadorian but they spoke excellent English. The restaurant served some of the best wings I have eaten. It was the first time, and I guess the first place, I’ve been in Guayaquil that I thought was even remotely nice.

This guy seemed to protect the area inside the gates.


Biggest Iguana in Guayaquil

Iguana Nation

Speaking of Iguana’s. Remember the one I saw awhile back on the neighbor’s roof? Well I think he found us. Easton was on the terrace working on the container gardens and this guy seemed to be overseeing his work.

He hangs out over my bedroom. Personally I think this is a good thing. Spiders be on notice!

Sunny Days

What is one of my blog posts without a weather update? We had two days of sun this week! It is a recent record, but more importantly it is signaling the end of the winter cloud cover. We took advantage of it by enjoying lunch on the beach in Olon, and then walking the hour back to San Jose along the sandy ocean shore line.