Friday, Sep 8, 2017

Ecuador Is Beautiful

It has been a pretty awesome week for the Gorishek’s in Ecuador. Heidi and I have been walking almost every day along the beach into Olon. The temperature has been great, whether cloudy or sunny. The ocean is very mesmerizing as I walk along its edge. We lucked out again and had a couple of full sun days!

It is still “winter” here, the heavy cloud and rainy season, but I personally believe we are due a few brilliant blue days since having to endure June. From self reports of people living here for many years, this winter season has been atypical, especially with the explosion of mildew Heidi and I have had to deal with for two months. Nevertheless, look at these beach pics!


Horse Of Course

The Ecuadorians have an interesting way of walking their horses. This happens daily as they move the horse from one empty lot with vegetation to another along the beach.

Horsing Around

Healthy Kids

As Heidi and I get into Olon there is often activity on the beach. Usually it’s people lying under an umbrella, or swimming in the shallow surf, or surfers, and those who are trying to be surfers, riding the waves. Today the local school kids were having PE class on the beach.

How would it be to grow up here, and instead of a hot sweaty gym, you can exercise with the sea spray and wind rushing past you.

olon beach exercise

Beach Exercise

South End Of Olon


olon southern point

The Southern Beach Point at Olon

This day we decided to keep walking past Olon to the cliffs at the southern point of the beach. We have been passing some dead sea turtles routinely on the beach, and today wasn’t any different.

Usually their heads and appendages get picked away by the vultures, but these turtles look more like they died of thirst crossing a desert.


olon beach burial


Puppy Love

A couple of months ago when we stayed at Samai, Heidi was lying on a lounge chair with her eyes closed and this very cute dog came running out from no where and started licking her cheek. Of course Heidi instantly fell in love with this pooch and was considering adopting what appeared to be a stray. We found out that this dog, named Paloosa, was a “neighborhood” dog around Samai and the people loved her.

On one of our walks Paloosa found Heidi and I on the beach. This is the first and only time we have seen her on the beach and today, she decided to stick with us and walked all the way into Olon. When we finished our errands in Olon we flagged a taxi to go back to San Jose. Little Paloosa was still sticking with us so we brought her back to San Jose with us.

Later this same day Heidi needed to go to the orphanage to do a craft project with the girls. Erwin and his wife picked Heidi up, and Paloosa hung out with me. When Erwin and his wife dropped Heidi home, they took Paloosa back up to the neighborhood she roams in (it is also where Erwin lives).

All I can say is that should Paloosa show up at our doorstep, I’m not so sure Heidi will be able to give her back to “the neighborhood”. Paloosa seemed very happy and content staying with us but I have to admit, I suspect she may be a bit of a gypsy…bringing love to people for a time then moving on to others who may need it.

Paloosa Having Dinner at Erwin’s


Crafts At Olon Orphange

Happy Kids with Painted Rock Photo Holder

About the orphanage, this particular craft project Heidi has been doing with her friends Teresa and Andrea is finished. Here are some pics of the final product.

Perfect Day

Have a great weekend!