Friday, Sep 1, 2017

Gorgeous Reflection

We had a couple gorgeous days earlier this week! It is so incredibly beautiful on the coast when the sun is out and the blue sky turns the ocean to a perfect “mar de azul”. On reflection of those two days, I am choosing to appreciate the very real beauty Heidi and I got to enjoy.


Beach Daze!


Reflection of Two Kids on the Beach

Clarity Happens

This is why I moved to Ecuador…sun, surf, and sand! When I am out here things seem so clear to me…what I want to do, how I can go about doing it. I know that I am on my path, the right path; a path that fills my soul with each step I take.

And then the clouds move in. A gray gloom hangs over the ocean. No longer a sea of brilliant blue, now only a murky and turbulent body that crashes about.



This is what my mind has been doing this week, sometimes clear and brilliant, sometimes murky and dull. It has been an interesting reflection of myself.

What strikes me is that the sea is still the same. The waves are still rolling in and crashing on shore just as they do in the brilliant sunlight. The turbulence creating the waves varies, sometimes more and sometimes less. Regardless, it is always there. The waves are like the difficulties and challenges of any day in a life…it is always a measure of more or less.

The real difference is the reflection. The sea reflects what it sees. When the accumulation of nebulous haze moves in, the sea reflects what it sees, the gray dullness of cloud…and the waves crash about. When the clouds are gone, the sea reflects the beautiful blue sky above…and those same waves crash about.

I am like that. Maybe you are a bit like this too. A reflection of what you see.

Best Reflection

When I am coaching, I see huge potential in people, enormous possibility. I radiate and reflect that. When I am connected in meaningful ways to others I see humanity, vulnerable in its authenticity, while strong in its resolve. I reflect that.

What is different between me and the sea is that I get to choose each and every day what I will reflect. Gray clouds may be moving overhead, but between them and me I can put an encouraging conversation with a friend, a motivational podcast, a book of wise learning, essentially a brilliant blue sky. I can choose to reflect the brilliance and beauty of so much and so many things. And when I do choose to look at these things instead of the gray clouds, whether external or internal to myself, I can’t help but to be a reflection of the brilliance I see.

Focused Reflection

I am a reflection of what I focus on. What I focus on is always my choice. So today, in spite of the gray clouds…world anxieties, unpredictability of human condition, and my own personal moments of “what the fuck?” insanity, I choose to focus on the brilliant things around me, and let that brilliance reflect into the world.


Will you join me?