Thursday, Nov 24, 2016

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! To my family and friends I want to express how grateful I am to have wonderful people like all of you in my life. True riches, ultimate wealth, for me is in the relationships I keep as I journey through this life. Life is beautiful if I let it be.

Chase is traveling home today from the States. Actually he started at 4 am yesterday when he left for the airport in Salt Lake City. He ended up in Quito last night around 11 pm, just missing the last flight to Cuenca. He will catch the 6 am flight here. I suppose he got to hang out in those new Lazy-Boy chairs I saw the Quito airport bragging about last month. On Thanksgiving I thought the Lazy-Boys happen after the turkey. 😉

Easton is still on the coast with his friends. They are traveling back today on the bus and we won’t expect them home until later this evening. Heidi, Chase, Michelle, and I will be having Thanksgiving with Aurobindo at Joe’s Secret Garden. It is a gringo restaurant that tailors food and events to the gringos living in Cuenca.

I haven’t eaten there before, and today they serve a Thanksgiving dinner with all the trimmings. Auro is friends with the owner and I guess they are expecting about 120 people arriving for dinner at 2 pm. This should be interesting.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Enjoy your day with family and friends. Keep the conversations around those things you can agree upon. Have Adele ready to play if the dinner table gets rowdy. Remember that all of us are only here for a blip in the scheme of things. Today we can all express our thanks to each other for the many blessings we share. Above all, be kind.