Monday, Sep 27, 2016

Not much happening today. We needed to get some more creamer for coffee and more wine. Hmmm, caffeine for the morning and alcohol for the evening. I guess I have my day covered. 😉  We are headed to Super Stock which I think is a very “gringoish” looking store. What is also interesting to me is that when we go, we usually are the only customers in it.

We walked there along Las Americas, and we passed a place serving lunch that we’ve seen before. I thought now would be a good opportunity to see what their almuerzo was like. I don’t remember the name of the place. It’s not very noticeable.

It’s distinguishing characteristic is that the dining area is built in the middle of a small parking lot. It is a square-shaped building, with a covered roof and glass windows set completely around it. The kitchen is only a few feet away in another building.

We took a seat inside and it was pleasant enough, filled with natural light, and had a TV playing a futbol game. The traditional almuerzo with soup, chicken, rice and lentils, and juice was very tasty. I was shocked the almuerzo was only $2.00 a plate. How is that even possible?

After we ate we continued to Super Stock and picked up our things. On the way back we decided to get some bananas from our “banana lady”. This required a split route home, so Chase and Easton took the groceries we had and headed home, while Heidi and I headed to the fruit stand.

Fresh Fruit Stand

Local Fruit Stand

Our Sweet Lady

Our Sweet Lady

This woman is so sweet. Each time we approach her stand, we are always greeted with a warm smile. Today we got our bananas and also picked up some avocados. I asked if I could take her picture and she warmly agreed.

This is Ecuador. Not so bad really.