Wednesday, Sep 28, 2016

I took Max for a walk, alone, but I carried a big stick. Funny thing about carrying a big stick, I didn’t have one dog come up to me and Max. I did see one street dog, one of the nice ones, but he stayed on his side of the street. Was this preparation or luck?

I was wondering to myself if I wouldn’t have had my stick if I would have seen more dogs? I was prepared for them if I did, but I didn’t need the stick at all on this walk. It made me think a little bit how life is. Planning, preparing, and being ready makes things go easier, and then you get “lucky”.

Sometimes you’re not conscious it is going easier, but don’t you think it’s because you are prepared? Things that might trip you up or otherwise become obstacles just aren’t there. Often times others will say you “got lucky”. I’m all for good luck coming my way. I also believe in the quote of the Roman philosopher Seneca, “Luck is when preparation meets opportunity”.

What things in your life would be made easier through preparation and planning? The reason I’m asking is because when people say they are “having a bad day”, or “things just aren’t working out for me”, or “I’m just unlucky”, I wonder how planning and preparation would have helped or changed these situations? Is it preparation or luck that makes the difference? I know when things aren’t working out for me, there is usually a point I could have prepared better. If I had, my situation would be going better.

beer factory cuenca ecuador preparation or luck

Welcome to the Beer Factory









We went to the Beer Factory for dinner tonight. We had planned on going to Luminarias at Turi, but as “luck” would have it, I double checked the hours just before we left and discovered it was closed. If we would have gone to Turi it would have been a long cab ride on the wrong side of the valley from El Centro, where most of the restaurants are. Everything worked out with a little preparation. The Beer Factory was a fun bar/restaurant to enjoy nachos, a good burger and cold beer, or in my case, a tasty mojito.

Sometimes it’s just nice to get “lucky”.