Monday, Sep 18, 2016

I woke up to a gray and drizzly morning. Throughout the late morning and early afternoon it rained off and on. I’m surprised, because I thought by this point in September the weather would be getting warmer and drier. Of course August was much sunnier and drier than what I was told would happen, so who knows. It’s just typical weather chaos in Cuenca.

The plan was to go to Feria Libre this morning and get meat, eggs, and produce. I lost interest with the bad weather. It’ s challenging enough to navigate the crowds, the smells, and the general chaos without dealing with the rain and cold too. So in my very first-world privilege, I had us all hop into a taxi to go to lunch. After that we hit the Supermaxi to buy what we needed until I can muster up the energy for Feria Libre. On a serious note, to have the ability to choose to be in chaos or not is a true luxury. I’m feeling gratitude for the choices I am able to make.

Speaking of chaos, when we were at lunch Heidi looked out the window and pointed this out. This is a common sight in Ecuador. I have no clue how the utility guys decide which wire is what. Could you?

living in ecuador infrastructure chaos

I think it’s this one…no, maybe this one…

I’m getting better at calling the business we order our propane from. When I called today, the guy who can speak English answered the phone. I spoke Spanish to him the entire conversation… granted it was a very short conversation, but I didn’t use English and either did he. Score!

I was on a phone call via the internet when the gas truck showed up, so I couldn’t walk downstairs and deal with it. I handed Chase the money and asked him to go down in the garage and deal with the tank exchange. He was a good sport and just started to head downstairs, but then Easton came our of his room to help him. Chase doesn’t even know where our gas tanks and hookups are downstairs. It is the little things that one is always needing to learn.

And we all are…and our life here in Ecuador continues to move forward.