Sunday, Sep 18, 2016

What a lazy day for me today. It started when Easton came into the living room with his morning coffee, plunked himself on the couch and turned on the TV. The Disney channel was on and Tangled was just starting. I was at my desk on my computer reading.

I’ve never seen Tangled and after several minutes I stopped reading, brought my coffee with me and headed to the other couch in front of the TV. Shortly after Chase showed up and he sat in a chair and before you could say “ipity bipity bop” (wrong show I know) the three men in this house were watching Rapunzel trying to figure out how she was going to escape her tower.

The reason I am even sharing this is because eventually Heidi showed up in the room. She had been in the bedroom doing planks and sit ups and working out while the three of us men were watching “Rapunzel let down your long hair”. She also reminded us that her football games start at noon and we would be banned from the Disney channel at that time. Sigh.

I took Max out for a walk late in the afternoon. It was just me and everything was going great until I walked by two women with two little dogs. The dogs were not on a leash and they ran over to check things out. Max likes to play but he is intimidating and one of the dogs started nipping at Max. I had him on the leash and continued to walk as the little dogs barked up a storm and followed us.

The commotion caught the attention of three medium-sized street dogs and one of them is mean. This dog has shown up before but because there is usually more of us he can’t get near Max. So before I knew it I had the two little dogs darting at Max and the three street dogs all bearing their teeth.

The two woman just sat on the rock and did nothing to get their dogs. I looked over at them and yelled, “Get your goddamn dogs!” Of course they probably didn’t speak English, but I think they understood my tone and finally started calling their dogs.

The mean street dog started to attack and bit Max, which put Max in a full on dog fight. I was still holding his leash and trying to kick the mean dog off. I found a stick and used it to keep the street dogs out of our space, and they backed away.

Max and I continued to walk and within 50 feet we passed a husband and wife with their 10 year old son sitting on the grass. They had three dogs, not on a leash, and could see what just had happened. Their dogs ran over to Max, but I was done.

These people made no attempt to call their dogs and I was telling the dogs to get away. One started to get aggressive. I raised my stick and whisked it by the dog, without hitting him, and yelled at the dog to back off. The family just sat their and did nothing. Honestly, what is wrong with people?

Anyway, Max probably just wanted me to let him off his leash so he could have made lunch out of all the aggressive dogs. He didn’t seem bothered in the least by our encounters though, while I on the other hand, had a racing heart for the rest of the walk. Maybe I’ve found a new cardio workout.

I’m looking forward to a great week and I hope yours will be great too!